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PIXMA MG3620 Won't Connect To WiFi


Any insight? I've attempted getting support from Canon but they are absolutely useless now & do not support customers (and contending with them on FB Messenger led to them blocking me while they added a few insults for good measure). Canon 3620 was working fine on home wifi network, then simply stopped. I've performed all the tasks required by Canon website re connecting, repeatedly. Nothing has worked; in fact the instructions are conflicting, so I've tried each one. Mac-based (iPhone XS, MacBook Pro etc) and have tried using laptop, app on iPhone etc, Wifi is Verizon Fios. I see no hope, which is a shame as I like the printer and it is fairly new and only lightly used. Thanks....



I offered to try and help in your other post.  Let's do that now.  I asked for the following info:

"Please include the model of your printer.  The OS version and build you are using it with as well as information about your network and wireless hardware.  Any information, or observations, plus troubleshooting steps you tried would also be helpful".    


OS is?  I think MAC but am guessing.

Wireless Verizon FIOS.  Configured how.  Broadcasting 2.4/5G?  Hardware is? Using the same network name (SSID name)?  Network supports WPA-2 security?

Does the printer see your network, are you prompted to connect?  What happens?  Are there any error messages?

Saying that something stopped working, and that you tried "everything" doesn't give others much to go on.  We need to know what you did, what you tried and what the result was.  

The printer has a 2.4Ghz wireless radio.  It will only connect to a 2.4Ghz broadcast.  If your network is using the same SSID name for both 2.4/5Ghz broadcasts this can cause issues.  It might be helpful to temporarily disable the 5G broadcast while connecting the printer.  Once done, you can turn it back on.

Drivers for your printer are available here:

Canon Support for PIXMA MG3620 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

I cannot be more specific because you didn't say what version of MAC OS you were using the printer with.  You can use the drop down menus to select that.  I noted there was a driver and network configuration tool available for Ventura.

There are also instructions for making a wireless connection available:

Slide 1 (

These instructions need to be followed in order.  Specifically, the printer needs to be put into pairing mode in order for the installation software to detect and allow you to connect to a wireless network,  If the steps are not followed, or are not completed sequentially, the printer may not connect successfully.  If you tried this, we don't know because you didn't tell us what you actually tried, the steps performed or the outcome.  

Happy to continue if you have questions or need further assistance.  

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Thanks for tip on 5G...I have to look and see if there's a distinction on my wifi but I don't think there is. As I mentioned, Mac Mojave. As for what I did, I bought a printer, it got on wifi no problem and then after a few months it decided to stop for what else I did, I followed the online instructions (which I noted are not clear in every iteration) 10 **bleep**ing times. This is not **bleep**ing rocket science and Canon should be the support, not volunteers. As for what I'm GOING to do, I'm going to chuck the printer, although it's new, and get something that 2023, as it should...seamlessly, because who has time to **bleep** with this nonsense? There ya go. Thanks.

Based on this feedback, here is my recommendation.  The IP address of your printer is likely changing between use.  Your router is responsible for managing devices connected to your network.  When a device is not used, it possible the router believes it is no longer present and it might reclaim the IP address it assigned previously.  They next time to try to print, your computer sends the job to what it thinks or believes the devices IP assignment was.  If its changed, the job fails, the printer shows as offline, and you cannot communicate with it.  

Its easy to fix this.  Assign or reserve an IP address for the printer on your router.  This only has to be done once.  Moving forward the printer will always use the same address and your computer or any other network device can always "find" it at its static destination.  This is true of any network device, printer, computer, etc.

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