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PIXMA MX922 reports wrong MAC address for access points


I have a Jetstream EMESH3300 Whole Home Network that includes three mesh routers, and a I have a PIXMA MX922 printer. When I attempt to connect the MX922 to my WLAN, the mesh finds it and a few others in the neighborhood. When I search for an access point, it sees all three of the routers in the mesh; however, it misidentifies their MAC addresses by one hex digit, the last one. (Example: the MAC address of the router in my office is 4C:6E:6E:D9:7A:7D, but the printer sees 4C:6E:6E:D9:7A:7E. The other two routers have the same first five pairs of digits. One’s last pair is 6D, the other’s is 75, but the printer reports 6E and 76.)

The MX922 gives me the option to select one access point or all three of them. If I select one, no matter which, the printer can’t find it. If I select all, none can be found.

One solution would be to spoof the MAC address on one of the routers to coincide with the MAC address that the MX922 reports; however, the Jetstream routers don’t support the MAC Clone feature. Any ideas?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jjs404,

Please disconnect the power from 2 of the 3 routers.  Does your PIXMA MX922 detect the remaining router correctly?





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Patrick, Thank you for your reply. That is a good suggestion that I hadn't thought of; however, when I followed your advice, it still wouldn't detect to the only router in the network, which is less than 10' away from it. It still finds the network, but because there is only one router it doesn't report the MAC address that it is looking for. I suspect that it is still searching for a MAC address that is one digit off. If you have any more suggestions, please don't hesitate to make them.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jjs404! Thanks for posting in the Canon Community Forum. I see that you are unable to connect your MX922 to your Wi-Fi network.

The printer is not designed to change the MAC addresses for your routers before they are displayed. It should simply display the MAC address that is being broadcast by the routers. Since you are unable to connect the printer after selecting each router individually or by turning off the routers and trying to connect to each one (one at a time with the others turned off), there are three more things that you can try at the printer.


If you have not done so, please turn the printer off and restart your routers. To restart the routers, you can disconnect the power cable and reconnect them. Then, wait three minutes for the routers to finish restarting before you turn the printer back on.


Second, please reset the LAN SETTINGS for the printer. You will find instructions in the following article:

When you get to step 5, please choose the option to disable the LAN SETTINGS ONLY.


If resetting the printer’s LAN settings does not help, please disable both the Wireless LAN DRX setting and the IPv6 Setting. You’ll find instructions for disabling both options in the following article:

You can disregard the first set of steps in this article and skip to the steps that involve disabling the Wireless LAN DRX setting and IPv6 setting.


Should you continue to have trouble connecting the printer to your Wi-Fi using the Standard Setup option available through the printer’s menu, you can try a different setup method.

If your router has a WPS button, you can refer to the instructions in the following article for help:

If you want to use a Windows computer to set up the printer’s network connection using a temporary USB connection, you will find instructions here:

If you want to use a Mac computer to connect the printer to your Wi-Fi using a temporary USB connection, please visit this page:


If none of these articles help, I recommend that you contact your router manufacturer for help. There is not a way to change the displayed MAC address through the menu on the printer's display.


I hope this information helps. Thanks again.


JayC1, Thank you for your reply. I gave up and solved my problem with an inexpensive TP-Link 5-port switch and a 25' ethernet cable. Now I can print from both my Dell desktop and my HP Chromebook. I had to download a PPD file for the Chromebook written by Reddit user PuzzleheadedYak9388 since Canon doesn't provide one for the Chrome OS. Users looking for a PIXMA 922 driver for Chrome can find one in the author's Dropbox.


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