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PIXMA MX472 Any updates from Canon on resetting WiFi passwords?


I've got a Pixma MX472 and I recently had to update my WiFi password (another massive headache all by itself) and now I'm finding there is no way to reset / reenter the password on the printer.  It looks like this nonsense has been going on for years and the only option offered up that works for some people is to use WPS.  Because of the way I had to configure the security on my router, that's not an option for me.

- Reset LAN doesn't do anything

- Reset All doesn't clear it

- "Hard" reset didn't clear it

- Connecting to another network  works, but is unacceptable since it would mean changing my entire network setup and all connected devices.  Thanks but no... fix your s%$# Canon!

So I now have a $200 paperweight?   What the hell?  This seems like basic functionality that's been overlooked and ignored for ages.  I thought HP was heavy handed and unresponsive, but I think you win this one... dumbest "glitch" ever.  Is there a path to make noise directly to Canon?  Clearly posting here does no good... 


Product Expert
Product Expert


If you just need to connect back to your network that was updated and reenter the password then I would recommend standard setup. Please click HERE for the steps and in step 5 there is a blue hyper link that goes in further detail about entering your password. 

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Any updates on this?  Still waiting for a firmware update or some other method of recovery... 


Hi Arthur - thanks for the response, but this -still- doesn't work.  This is exactly the problem that has been brought up here for YEARS.  Once you've entered a password for a network and connected to it, you can never go in to update it if the network password changes.  The printer NEVER prompts again for the password for that SSID.  And there is no way to force the printer to either just forget the network or just prompt for the password again so unless you want to change the SSID for your network, this multifunction printer turns into an expensive paperweight


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