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No wireless connection - Pixma MG5420


I am running Win 8.1.  Printer worked okay until two days ago.  And then I dowloaded the Windows upgrades.  After that, my laptop shows printer status of being offline. 


I have downloaded drivers from Canon website.


Ran troubleshooters and followed instructions for checking electrical cable, redoing the setup on the printer.  Printer has power and blue wifi beacon is glowing.


I suspect all these sudden incompatability problems may have to do with the Win 8.1 updates?  There are people all over the net reporting having similar problem.


Canon, have your tech people looked into this?  What can we owners do? 


Please help.  Many of us now have a useless piece of equipment taking up space.  Can't get work done. 


Thank you.





My printer quit working immediately after I downloaded the "latest"  Wind 8.1 updates!


I know this because I do not allow automatic downloads of updates, just allow messages that they are available.  I was working, using printer wirelessly from my laptop.  It was printing. 


Then I stopped working and downloaded the Windows updates.  After that completed I went back to work, tried to print and got error message.  No printing since then.


Anybody else?