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Mx920 Wireless printing problem


I have just bought an mx920, beautiful printer I may point out, it worked well for the first two days but I cannot print as of today, I connect to the printer wirelessly and all my computers are Macs.

The printer is connected to the network properly and my computer shows that it has an active connectiong, but when I click print the printer goes to "in use" and then goes offline, and the Print Que says "Printer not connected" 

I've tried connecting the printer to the network again, and I have restarted the printer along with my computers but it still wont work. 

Please help 

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Another_Victim He location settings like you said and I'm fine 2 hours ago. sorry for the translation but do not know English. Thank you very much

You're welcome, Dimitrisprev.  If I understand your most recent message correctly, you're saying that your printer woke up and started working when you used your web browser to entered a value into its Location property.  Please let us know if your printer continues to work okay or if the problem returns.  I think a good test is to let the printer be on but unused for a couple of days to see whether the inactivity causes it to go offline again.


I posted this possible solution a few minutes ago in a very similar Canon forum titled "Pixma MG5420 WiFi connection problem."  The people there have the same problem.  Anyone here who still can't solve the problem might want to read all the messages there too (and subscribe to its future messages).

My printer is canon mg 5550. after the Site Settings web browser and entering a value in the position I'm five hours without disconnecting .thanks Another_Victim



Could you please explain two things?


1. Where did you find the printer's  IPv4 address? and.


2. What value did you enter?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

There are several ways to find your printer's IP address:

1. The Canon printer's touchscreen can display (or print) it. (Explore the printer's menu to find the Wireless settings.) 

2. Your router's built-in webserver can display the addresses of all networked devices.

3. Your computer probably has a network tool that can display the addresses of all networked devices.


The value I entered into the Location field in the printer's webserver's Settings webpage was:


I doubt it mattered what value was entered into the Location field; I assume that what matters is that it not be left blank.


I don't recall whether I mentioned the importance of setting your router to assign a static IP address to the printer.  A "static" address is a constant address.  The alternative (which is probably the router's default setting) is for the router to assign a "dynamic" IPaddress, which can be different depending on the other devices you occasionally connect to your network, such as smartphones and portable computers.  It's possible that Canon's driver software in the computer is clever enough to find the printer even if its IP address changes, but I wouldn't bet on it, and it's easy to set the router to assign a static address.

I have tried to report this before, but never gotten a response.  This printer is worthless!  I have even paid for professionals to come to our home to fix it.  As soon as they leave, it doesn't work.  I think that Canon should reimburse everyone who has spent their hard earned money on this worthless printer. 

I'm using Windows 10. Suddenly cant print from either of two computers--wireless. Ger error message.

Hi SueLefebvre,


The most common cause of these issues is the printer getting disconnected from the network.  Start by reconnecting the printer to the network.


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My MxX922 printer worked great for a year or two but not keeps dropping connection.  I'm on Windows 10 and an HP laptop.


Your tech support walked me through running the Wireless Lan Setup again and re-entering the passcode for my router.  This does fix the problem, but in a day or so, it looses connection again!


What the hey!  Getting tiring to keep running setup on this.


Any permanent fix???




Diane Gannon

Windows 10