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Canon MF 4890 is losing wireless printer connection


I have a Netgear Wireless N 150 Router, a Windows 8 laptop, a Windows 7 computer and a Canon MF 4890 connected via a home network.


The Windows 7 computer doesn't have issues printing.  However the Windows 8 laptop seems to lose its connection each time the computer is shut down, or the Canon goes into sleep mode.


If I power down the Canon, the Windows 8 laptop seems to find it again. 


Not an ideal situation to keep it turned off until I need to use it, but at this point it seems like the easiest solution, unless there's something else that's even easier. 


Any suggestions?





Hi sumday,

You are right; powering off your laser product is not the ideal option to reestablish a WiFi connection, though some environments can require it.  A few common causes of dropped Wifi communication are due to the location sites of your laser printer and the access point (Wireless LAN router), or interference caused by other frequencies or obstacles.

Please take a closer look at your current setup and consider the following:

1.  Is the distance between the machine and the wireless LAN router (access point) within 164' (50 m) (may vary on the communication speed or environmental condition)?

2.  Is there any obstacle, such as a wall, between the machine and the wireless LAN router (access point)?

3.  Are electronics, such as a microwave oven or refrigerator, near the machine?

If this does not resolve the issue, please Contact Us and we'll be glad to help you further.

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