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MX492 - WiFi Issues


I would like to turn the wifi OFF on my MX492 and use an ethernet cord. I have everything set up, however, the printer is still only looking for wifi to print. Can someone please walk me through how to use the printer directly connected to my computer as opposed to using the wifi? TIA



Hi, pkosmowski


The PIXMA MX492 is not equipped with an Ethernet port.  This printer can communicate with your computer via a standard A-to-B USB cable or via Wi-Fi.  If you need additional help, click HERE to contact our US-based tech support team for free assistance.



With no ethernet option, the choice betwwen USB and Wi-fi id simple.  Use Wi-Fi.


USB to one computer doesn't give other users the ability to print, unless the printer is "shared" and the computer its connected to is always on.  A pain.  Many routers include built in print servers, which allows you to connect a printer or USB storage device to your network.  While it sounds convienent, this is usually included by the manufacturer as an after thought and in many cases turns out to be unreliable and problematic.


Wi-Fi option.  Most reliable for your situation.  Set a static IP on the printer.  Why this works...  Devices on your network can come and go.  Giving the printer a static IP address or reservation by MAC address ensures the printer will always get the same IP address.  Once configured, computers, tablets and mobile devices connecting to your network wil always have access to the device.  Using a static IP address outside of the DHCP address pool is recommended. 

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