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Installation software refuses to find Printer


I am beyond frustrated at this moment.  Last week I had an error on my computer, after it upgraded to Windows 10 ver 1709 (creator) which caused me to do a reset.  At that time I had to reinstall all my software and printer drivers.  I downloaded the printer driver for me MF8580 and it installed without an issues.  


Last night I had another error while attempting to install a Quickbooks update.  This caused Windows to hang in a shutdown mode which I eventually gave up on.  After formating my hard drive and reinstalling windows, I was able to get updated to the current version of windows.  I then went to download the software installation for my MF8580.  It downloaded and began the installation just fine.  However, when it came to finding the printer, it is unable to find the printer.  I verified all the settings on the printer and have been able to log into it directly through its IP Address with Chrome.  I have tried turning off all firewalls, rebooting, standing on my head while rubbing my left toe and still cannot get the installation software to find the printer.  


So I tried a different tact.....I went to the windows setting and selected to add a new printer.  It located the printer without any issues, but tells me there is no driver available for the printer.  So I removed it and tried another method.  I went online and downloaded the UFR driver.  That began to install and was able to locate the printer.  However, after installation, it shows the printer as offline and my print jobs are just hanging out in the que.  


I don't understand what has occured, but it seems every time I try to update or change windows I lose one of my printers permanently.  Please help me get this one back.  Thank you.



First recommendation.  Implement a back up strategy.  Acronis, Macruim Reflect, etc.  You should not have to continiously reset, reformat and reinstall windows over and over again.  Back ups protect your data from software and hardware failures, provide piece of mind, and minimiize downtime.  System Restore is another option that can use used to recover when you make a change that doesn't go as planned.  Create a restore point, then apply a software update.  If it doesn't go as planned, revert to the previous restore point.  If you are using QB's and the MP8580, its pretty obvious what you do for a living.  I can't image you having the time to reinstall your OS in the middle of your "end of year" deadline. 


You need to start by giving the printer a static IP address.  This should be above or below the DHCP range you have specified on your router or DHCP server.  Or by using reservation by MAC address.  This ensures the printer always has the same IP address.  Device can "come and go" but any device that joins your network, wired or wireless, will always be able to find the printer by its static IP address.  This is because it doesn't change.


Many of the troubleshooting steps your tried were good.  Testing log in to the printers webserver from your browser was especially notable. 


Start by setting up the printer with a staic IP, subnet mask and gateway.  Now use windows to add the printer.  Start menu > Control Panel > Device and Printers > Add Printer > then "The printer I want to add isn't listed" > Add printer using TCP/IP > enter the IP you assigned in HOSTNAME / IP filed > next > ...  and I think you can handle the rest. 


One other detail.  If you are using an anti-virus product besides wndows defender, it might have interfeared with you installing the printer drivers.  If that is the case, temporarily disabling it might have helped during the install.  You do not have to take drastic steps like disabling windows FW to get the printer installed.  Good luck.

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I appreciate your thoughts on both my issue as well as my backup plans.  I do have a full backup system in place and only have to worry about reloading software.  That in itself takes between 6-8 hours with everything I use, so I agree, I don't like reloading my system multiple times.


I typically reset my system ever 18-24 month as I find with what I do (not an accountant) after that period of time, the system becomes slow and unstable.   When Windows 1709 created my first issue it was about time for a refresh as I had noticed the typical sluggish issues after almost 2 years of using the machine.    After my initial reset, things were substantially better and everything was working like new.  


Prior to updating Quickbooks I had set a restore point.  Unfortunately, the way the system hung, I was unable to get it to reboot in safe mode or anything.  It would book directly back up to the hung condition.  My only option was to boot from my original retore disks which were shipped with the computer.  I chose to format and start over at that point out of total irritation, knowing anything else was potentially just a band-aide that would haunt me later.


I had tried giving a static IP address prior to posting this message.  I also tried switching from Wifi to a hard wired ethernet connection.  Neither option worked.


Since originally posting, I removed a network control software that had come with the computer originally (Killer).  This has allowed me to access the printer with the basic driver.  It, however, has not resolved my issue with Canon's installation software being unable to locate the printer.  


I do not have any other antivirus programs and had disabled defender prior to install.


A back up of your data only, is good, and better than no back up at all, but a disk image back up of the partion containng your OS will keep you from having to reinstall from scratch.  Time for recovery varies, but mine is 10 min.  instead of 6-8 hrs., but again that choice is yours. 


Resetting every 18-24 months.  Lots of people do this.  If you had an image of you base install, once again it woud reduce the number of hours you spend "rebuilding".  Since this type of image does not depend on windows or its ability to start or run, you can recover from a no boot or catastopic failure that renders System Restore ineffective.   If you have a system that works for you, I'm not going to tell you what you should do. 


I have the Killer network manager software installed on my system as well.  I don't use it, as my board has 2 NICs and  I prefer intel.  The software does not have to be configured, its typically used for bandwidth control and is popular with gamers.  Removing is fine, its not needed.  


So you have created a static IP and have the printer functioning, but the Canon Suite software doesn't detect the printer duing network driver install.  


Are you certain you have set the IP, subnet mask and gateway correctly?


Did you reserve the static IP on your router or DHCP server?


Can you ping the printer from your machine?


Should look like this, (example) the IP of my printer is, so when I ping it from my computer, it replies.



Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=3ms TTL=255
Reply from bytes=32 time=6ms TTL=255
Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=255
Reply from bytes=32 time=2ms TTL=255

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 1ms, Maximum = 6ms, Average = 3ms

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Hey Rick,


I used to do a disk image, but didn't find that beneficial.  My primary software changes too frequently and the residual garbage it leaves with each upgrade is part of what bogs things down.  By reloading every two years I skip all the updates and only load what is current.  Yeah, I could probably do a disk image prior to the install, then at least save a few hours.  Yes, I am sure my system could use improvement!


I was able to get the printer working on one of the generic drivers from Canon a couple of days ago, after it was visible on the network with a static IP.  However, I could not get Canon's primary installation software to find the device.  I had just given up and figured the basic driver would have to do...oh and live without the scanner.  I don't use it enough to spend more time.  


But tonight, on a whim, I tried again.  I have no idea what changed, how the stars are aligned differently, or what sacrafice I offered without realizing it....but it loaded just fine.  


I appreciate you help.  Not sure what the issue was, but I will call this resolved.  






Glad to hear it.  Your perseverance won the day. 

Bay Area - CA

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