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MAC Wired Setup


Hello Community

I can't get my MX922 setup with the eithernet.

The physical LAN connection, and front panel went smoothly.

However, my software does find or recognize the printer on the network.

I've installed the drivers from the website, and everything works fime over a USB connetion.

I saw something about inserting a CD and running a setup utility for network software, but modern Macbooks don't come with a CD drive, I assume there has to be something to download ?   Or, do I simply go to some system setup somewhere ?

Thank You in advance.



Set the printer up with a static IP address.  Do not use use DHCP.  Otherwise it can change depending on how often devices "come and go", DHCP lease time and what device is turned on first...  meaning without a reservation, another device that joins your network could be assigned the IP address used by the printer previously.  Not going to go into detail about this.


Once the printer has a static IP, open System Preferences, then Printers.  Use the "+" option (Add).  Specify add by IP Address..  and enter the IP you have manually assigned to the printer.  You can also give it a friendly name.  This will ensure the printer always has the same IP address, even as devices "come and go" from your network and that a device will always know how to find the printer by its assigned IP address (which won't change) if set as static.

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