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I have a MacBook Pro and a Canon MX452. I updated the operating system on my MacBook to Yosemite 10.


I own a Canon MX452 and a MacBook Pro (2010 model). This week I updated the MacBook operating system to Yosemite 10.10.3. Afterwards I found the printer / scanner functions would not work. I re-loaded the CD from the printer and was also prompted to download more currrent drivers from the Canon website, from which I chose the ICA Driver V4.0.0 and the Canon IJ Network Tool V4.5.0 (not sure if these were the right ones or not).


I managed to only get the printer working when using the USB cable to the printer. I could not get the printer and scanner working wirelessly. The printer blue light shows it is connected to my network ok. I also noted my iPad and iPhone can no longer "see" the printer either.


I have deleted and re-loaded the Canon software several times. I have followed Canon instructions to:

-Connect the MacBook to the router with an ethernet cable and go through the instructions to "connect" the Canon MX452. But afterwards, the MacBook says the Canon MX452 is "off line" and I can only make it work with the USB connection.


Any guidance would me most appreciated to:

-get the printer and scanner working wirelessly

-getting the Air-Print feature working with the iPad and iPhone




Hi John

Five trys later, I finally got it figured out. Many thanks for the link you provided. It helped me through the iterations until I finally got it

Best wishes


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I think the blue light just means that printer wifi is enabled; not that it is connected. airprint won't work until the printer is on the network (and same network as iPad). Do these instructions help:



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Hi John. Thanks for that input. At Step 6, after clicking "Next" I get a window telling me my OS version is unsupported and the installation may not complete. I am prompted to go to Canon's web site to "Check Latest Info".
I've had this window on previous attempts and from Canon's web site I downloaded two drivers as follows
- ICA Driver V4.0.0
- Canon IJ Network Tool V4.5.0
I'm not sure if these are the correct / complete drivers I need for this install or not.
I continue to follow all the steps. At step 9 I click "Wireless Set Up using USB" amd get a License Agreement (a little different than instructions)
I click "Agree" and it goes to a Setup window with two progress bars showing the installation. I've not been prompted to connect the USB?
After the Setup window is done, I am then prompted to connect the printer via USB. I connect the printer and click on "Redetect". It is not detected.
I then try following the Canon on screen instructions for connecting to the wireless LAN amd enter the password. It searches and indicates "Connecting" on the window, but it never connects and the blue light just blinks
So, at this point I am stuck??

Hi again John. I tried again and got to step 13 ok. When I clicked "Always Allow" at step 13, it checked the connection between the printer and router and came back with a window saying "Automatic Set Up" - could not be done. Manually select the wireless router to be connected". I am then prompted to identify the router and out in the password and get a window back telling me the printer could not be connected to the specified router (password does not correspond to the selected router). I have double checked the router name and password to no avail....

Hi John

Five trys later, I finally got it figured out. Many thanks for the link you provided. It helped me through the iterations until I finally got it

Best wishes