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Canon i960 drivers disappeared

I have a Canon i960 for almost 20 years and it has worked fine. It abruptly stopped a few months ago and I discovered that Canon put this out “The i960 Series has been retired. Product support is no longer available. Driver and content updates are not being made”. The printer drivers are gone and the printer is  not showing up in the printer panel. 
I realize it is old but it still works well. It’s one thing to stop supporting the printer but I do not see why they made it non-functional. I appreciate any ideas from the community as to how it could be made functional. Thanks!


The fact that the driver has disappeared from your computer has nothing to do with Canon no longer updating drivers. Your printer driver is not linked to the canon website. That is a local problem on your computer. Have you performed any updates to your operating system lately?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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The i960 is 21 years old.  We understand it can be disappointing losing the use of something you've had for so many years.  John is correct about the device.  Hardware cannot be supported in perpetuity.

The missing drivers could be an oversight, or maybe they just don't work any longer.  I'm sure you're not using the same cell phone, computer and TV from 20 years ago.  A printer needs to be upgraded alongside all of these things too.  

Canon has a loyalty program.  It's intended to help you replace a device which has been retired, reached EOL or is no longer supported under Windows or Mac OS.  They offer a small discount and free shipping.  I'm sure a new device will be better, faster and more capable.  Just reply back if interested and we'll point you in the right direction.

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