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Both Wired and Wireless LAN on ImageClass


I am trying to set up, what should be, a simple configuration.  I have a iMac (ios 12.1) and a Canon ImageClass MF269dw printer/scanner.    I have a thunderbolt (USB-C equivalent) connected directly from my iMac to the printer/scanner.  I also want the printer/scanner on my home wifi.   I can't get the printer/scanner to do both.  I either have to set it up on wireless, and the thunderbolt won't work, or I have to use just the thunderbolt connection.  

I have followed multiple Canon tech threads for set up and come to the same conclusion, the instructions are one or the other.   The printer/scanner can't seem to use both wired and wireless. 

Am I wrong, and if so, can someone point to the actual set up instructions that handle both, please?

Thanks to all.




USB and wireless connection. This configuration although not intended will work.  If you connect the printer to a wireless network and connect another computer to it directly via USB, the printer will accept jobs from both interfaces, but not from the same computer, unless you want to have 2 instances of the printer installed, (1 network and 1 USB) selecting one or the other for print jobs.  This is true of all printers and PC's, and is not a limitation of Canon.  Your computer will always try to use the communication method you specified when you installed the printer.  If that path doesn't exist, printing will fail unless another interface has been provided.                 

I recommend selecting one interface and sticking with it.  Wireless will allow any device on your network, including visitors to print.  It also provides the option to print from any device regardless of how they connect (wired ethernet / wireless).

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Good Morning, Rick.  Thank you for your response.   It makes sense.   For most of my print jobs, from various iphones, laptops, etc. around my house, the wifi works best.  For my iMac, I primarily want the USB-C for scanning/printing sensitive financial documents, or documents with PII.  I've read too many threads about how vulnerable wifi still is, even with the encryption turned on.    I can set up the wired for direct connect and the scanner works, but the printer won't.  The only way I can get the printer to work, for the iMac or any of the above devices, is to only use wifi for everything (print and scan).  I've had HPs for over 10 years, that easily, went from wired to wireless, the way I am trying with the Canon.   HPs fell out of trying Canon.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks, again.

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Product Expert

Hello Guzmonty,

The USB and wifi connection should not get in the way of each other. In this situation, you can click on the apple in the upper left hand corner of the screen and then click on system preferences. Once in system preferences click on Printers and Scanners. In printers and scanners use the - at the bottom of the list to remove any printer connections for the MF269. Once they are gone, you can click the + and select the USB option for the printer and click add. Once it has been added back to the list, you can click the + again and in the add printer window, you can select the network connection and click add. It should add the printer back to the list and add the number 2 after the name. You can use the different names to distinguish between the USB and the network connection for the printer..