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verticle lines


I have a power shot SX20 that has developed verticle lines in the photo in landscape and horizontal in portrait that are in the same place on every shot.  Shown about 1/3 of the picture from the right.  Any thoughts?IMG_5338.JPG



Well, I checked my post and the line that shows up very clearly on my pictures does not show in the posted photo.  Grrrrrrr.

We see it, cheryl0801!


If it's in every photo you take, in the exact same spot, you'll want to have the camera looked at by our Factory Service Center.


You can get the process started online at 


If you have questions about the process, our US-based PowerShot Technical Support Team is available by phone Monday - Friday from 10am to 10pm (ET) at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666) or 24x7 at



I see the line as well. Is this just showing up on the rear screen, or in the photo itself? Or is this from a printed copy? I had similar lines on the photos that I printed out and it turned out to be the printhead on my printer that needed replacement.


Steve M.

No, it is on every picture I take. I download them onto my computer and I can see the line on the photos. Thank you for the tip though! I went to the link provided by Stephen, registered and have not heard back. I may try again. Thank You!
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