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shutter release not working S100



I am suddenly having problems with my S100. It will not take the picture when I press the shutter release. In case I had accidentally changed something, I did a Reset to Defaults. Then it worked, briefly, before returning to not working. It also would not let me change My Colors.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?

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I'm glad you asked, got me to dig out the last service detail.  It says they replaced Optical Ass'y, Blk CY1-9182-000.


This isn't what you guys replaced for this fix is it?  Probably wasn't used a week before getting the same symptoms.



Ah Ha!
If you are having the "shutter won't release problem" and everything else works (autofocus, etc) then they replaced the wrong part. The shutter part is: CM1-7226-000 FPC ASS'Y, TOP.
Some have gotten a part with the last group of 3 digits "000" replaced with "020" or "030" but the part name and number is otherwise the same. See post #400. Check your earlier service details if you have them.

Yes, its the "shutter won't release problem" and everything else works.  Never had focus problems as far as I know.  I don't have my earlier records. 


I just checked it, its not hunting for focus or doing much of anything.  Last night I put it on Tv, with the flash on, and it worked fairly well.  Now it wont work at all on Tv.  Put it on Auto and got it to work intermittently.


I just changed it back to Tv and Av and it works. 

(Sigh!) the shutter release problem comes and goes. It may have nothing to do with changing the settings other than that you are handling the camera. Sounds like Canon has gone from "won't fix" to "can't fix due to incompetence." You could try calling and insisting that they investigate what what they did on previous attempts; and try to make them accountable. Or you could order the $18 part, fix it yourself, and hope that Canon's rummaging around in your camera didn't mess something else up. Maybe it comes down to whether you prefer arguing and cajoling, or working with your hands. If you are reasonably careful and patient (and read all the posts about the repair) you won't make it worse doing it yourself and there is a good chance you will restore the camera to health. Good luck.

Thanks, thats my intentions, ordering the part today.  The S100 is a great little camera, just wish it had more file size options.

I don't won't to wait on them to repair it, besides, they already said they wouldn't repair it free.  So I know it would take some hard negotiations to get them to pay.  I used my Nikon history and first Canon purchase to get them to deal with me on the other repairs, don't think I could get one more out of them.  I know Canons are usually reliable, but it does bother me that they won't take care of purchasers of the S100.  Its otherwise a great little camera.  I went with Nikon DSLR's because I already had some Nikon telephoto lenses, and didn't want the expense of starting over.  Otherwise, I really didn't have any preferences over brand.  I forgot that I did have a Rebel 35mm about 15 years ago, had no problems with it.

You could raise the stakes by ordering two of the parts. A significant part of the $18 is shipping (which would be the same $ if getting 2). And if the repair is successful and you ever need to do it again you have the part -- which may stop being available at some point.


Thanks Dan, I just completed the $18 fix, and it works like new.  Wasn't so bad, took about 45 minutes, my eyes were the biggest problem.  Had some difficulty seeing the small screws. 

Nice feeling to fix something, isn't it.

I did order the part CM1-7226-000. Tried to replace per direction, but it is death. I don't know if I slice in the connector incorrectly or not. Anyone has an idea. I should bring it to Canon for them to see. 


When I installed my replacement part, it was dead too. I wiggled the front connection down in a tad more, and it made everything work.It must have been a fraction of a millimeter difference.

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