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shutter release not working S100



I am suddenly having problems with my S100. It will not take the picture when I press the shutter release. In case I had accidentally changed something, I did a Reset to Defaults. Then it worked, briefly, before returning to not working. It also would not let me change My Colors.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?

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You can fix it for $18. in parts if you have patience and a steady hand. See my post 402. Consider ordering 2 of the parts as half the cost is shipping which is the same for 2. If you damage one you are still good; otherwise put the spare aside for later.

Just want to say thanks for the fix procedure - it was quick and relatively easy.


I'm not happy with Canon's handling of this problem - I had actually sent my camera in for repair and they wanted $180 to fix it.  I spoke to 3 people (escalated up two levels) at Canon arguing that this should be covered but they said it is not happening enough.  Seems like a lot of users are having problems out there to me.


In the future, when making a camera related purchase, if all things are more or less equal, I will choose the non-Canon option.


Canon's response has been very disappointing. But when I thought I was going to have to replace my S100 I could not find anything that combined the small size, large receptor and decent HD video in the same price range. Canon's claim  that it is not a design defect seems at odds with the fact that there are so many postings on it, and that they must have made a change since the S110 and S120 do not seem to have the same issue. 


I have an S100 that falls within the serial number range known to have the lens fault and is out of warrenty.


Like most others it started the same way, just missing the occasional shot or a slight delay with the shutter release. 


I also reset the camera in case it was a user error. My camera has less than 500 images taken with it and is pretty much just carried on my belt on the off chance I see something intresting when I don't have my 6d with me. 


I sent the S100 to Canon in The UK who have sent it back with a report saying they will not fix it due to the fault being a damaged fpc cuircuit. 


The camera has never been dropped, opened or exposed to extreams in temperature or bad weather.


I'm reasonably new to photography and have only used Canon. To say I am a tad miffed and disapointed would be something of an understatement.


Any suggestions and advice would be greatfully recieved.



Kind regards,


Almst all the posts on this thread refer to the same problem as you are having -- which is different from the "lens error'" problem. So sad about Canon not standing up, but victory may still be possible. Interesting that heavy use is not the issue on your camera. I guess it's more about age and exposure to the air. In the US some people have had success by complaining to the Better Business Bureau, with Canon settling by fixing it. From the posts you can see that most of us who reported ordering the part from Canon and fixing ourselves were successful. Two were not successful. The part (see posts for ordering info) runs about $20. including shipping. If you order 2 shipping is the same, and you have a second shot if the first attempt fails or if it ever fails again. Read my recent earlier posts for my experience and references to posts by others on doing the repair. Reading them (especially seeing photos) is good preparation for the project. Good luck.

I'm not very technically minded and didn't realise that little part was the FPC circuit.
Unfortunately when it come to repairs, its not my thing. If I open the camera I am sure to mess it up so, so, so much that it will be beyond repair.
I think I will copy links to these threads and send them to canon customer services again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

If that doesn't work then find some 12 year old with experience repairing the screen on cell phones. Or someone who works on watches or jewelry could certainly do it. The job is not technical some much as a matter of delicate handling and keeping track of which tiny screws go where. See the photos on some posts, and videos on


I have the same problem with Shutter button. I did shoot in P mod, A mode, M mode. This camera bought in Thanksgiving 2012, then brought to Canon to fix len error in 7 months later for free b/c it still under Warranty. Then it have len error 1 more times, Luckily, it was working again. Now it have problem with Shutter button. Bye Canon. 



Has anyone sent theirs multiple times?  I've sent mine three times, and now its starting again.  They haven't charged me anything, but I had to escalate the repair request to get it taken care of, and they told me this was the last time they would pay.  I bought a different brand for work, but dropped and broke it, now having to go back to the S100 as backup.  I like this camera, too bad it has the reliability issues that Canon can't come to grips with.  May try the $18 repair. 

Sounds to me like they are not actually fixing it -- just giving it a squirt of contact cleaner. Wow. Do they give you a report of what they do?

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