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shutter release not working S100



I am suddenly having problems with my S100. It will not take the picture when I press the shutter release. In case I had accidentally changed something, I did a Reset to Defaults. Then it worked, briefly, before returning to not working. It also would not let me change My Colors.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?

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bitter sweet ending...did they tell you what they did ?

the service details was as follows:


"your product has been examined and it was found that the internal component was not properly connected the dial could not operate properly"


Not sure that this is any helpful...

That sounds along the lines of my thiking with your problem...but hey it was a happy ending, good for you !!

Yes indeed, good ending, thank you




Having the same problem. It started out sporadically and now the shutter won't work at all. This ruined my last mountain hiking trip because I spent a lot of my time trying to fiddle with different settings, trying to get the camera to work. 

Sorry to hear that unhappycutomer. I know what you mean, you think how can this be and spend your time fiddling with all the multitude of settings thinking what have I done, rather than enjoying the trip. At least when you find this forum you can stop wasting you time fiddling and just blame poor components/manufactuing and not user error/wrong settngs. My S100 now just gathering dust I might actually take a sledgehammer to it as some kind of therapy whilst chanting "this is the last Canon i buy". I'm just amazed at the lack of respone by the company unless you pursue them through the BBB. It's disgraceful treatment of customers not to even provide details of the problem and suggestions for how to fix. I think i'd have a shot at replacing the component myself if they gave details of what it is and the serial number so we might be able to buy it and try to fix ourselves. 


Come on moderator, try provide some value add please. 

yes, sad that it requires a threat from the BBB to get the camera fixed out of warrantee.


I've sent in my camera 3 times under warrantee to get this fixed and when I got the camera back, the problem was never properly resolved.  My camera is out of warrantee now and the camera is useless because I cannot reliably take any pictures.




How many people need to complain about the same problem before Canon admits it's a problem?


I had the same experience as many; about 6 months out of warranty the shutter started to occasionally stop working.  Now, a year out of warranty the camera almost never works except in video mode.  [My Canon was of the 43XXXXX series]


Canon-- it's time to step up and show some loyalty to your customers.  This is obviously a manufacturing or software problem.




I just registered because I have the same probplem with my S100. I bought it one and half a year ago, and this week I realized the shutter release is not working most of the time, only if I push it for seconds...It is really annoying because I was using powershot for many years and never had problem with them.
    Moreover, few months ago I was recommending this camera to a friend of mine and finaly she bought it. Now I really feel bad about this!

Would be nice to hear about any solution,  otherwise I think I will loose my trust in Canon...

It needs to be repaired, most likely the part underneath the shutter release button that actually is responsible for taking the picture has gotten loose or moved to far away from the mechanical button that activates it.

Tell your friend to press gently on the shutter button however it may be a defect in design because of all these reported problems with the same symptom.

Perhaps a call to Canon may get you some action and be sure to mention all these other people with the same problem. Canon has been known to do the right thing with a little nudging if need be on such chronic problems...

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