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shutter release not working S100



I am suddenly having problems with my S100. It will not take the picture when I press the shutter release. In case I had accidentally changed something, I did a Reset to Defaults. Then it worked, briefly, before returning to not working. It also would not let me change My Colors.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?

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Then don't even open it. Just spray the shutter button on the outside and let it dribble in. That worked on my other Canon when the zoom lever stopped working. What could be lazier than that?

Awesome, Kumaresh!
So why is it so hard to get reasonably priced service here?
I need to add this to my list for the next visit 🙂


Feedback after the repair


Please see my post on page 30 and Page 31 


It has been working like a gem since then. Not a single problem. I have clicked more than 1000 pics after the repair and its working smoothly now.


Thought I would report back just to say that the Deoxit trick only worked for about a week or two for me then problem started again.  Opened up and tried Deoxit again and...nothing.  Tried again...nothing.  Back to square one.

Looked for that FPC part but can't find anywhere in Europe.

I'm off camera hunting at the weekend.  Guess what brand I won't be buying.


Not a happy bunny.


Just wanted to add my comments to this thread... I am having the same issue that a lot of people are having with the shutter button on the Canon S100. The focus works but the button wont take a picture. Occasionally if I hold it down for 5 seconds it will trigger but otherwise nothing. I sent it in for repair but Canon wanted to charge me what I thought was an unreasonable amount to fix, more than a newer model. Very dissapointed in Canon not standing by their products. Has anyone had any luck fixing this on their own?

See my latest post


I just joined the "community" so I could also voice my frustration on this issue.  I've had a S100 (bought from ebay, origin was Hong Kong) and the camera has functioned very well for about 2 years and then all of a sudden starting doing a whole lot of nothing when I pressed the shutter button, seems to focus, beeps but then does not take the photo.


I tried resetting to factory settings, reformatted the SD card, changed SD card, tweaked settings in the camera that I thought may be effecting this function and this didn't improve anything.


I then followed the "blowing" technique and this has improved somewhat giving me the ability to take photos occasionally, not really good though as you want to take your camera for granted, like your car, you want it to work every time without fail or you will loose the opportunity to capture precious moments.


So I trawled the Internet and found this forum and I thought I'd add my voice.


My serial number is 44813200xxxx


It seems that the "spay" is temporary solution and the fitting of the spare part is the way to go for a more permanent solution.  My question is this:


By fitting the new part are we just replacing "like for like" and so we're going to see the problem manifest again in the future or is there an understanding that this replacement part is superior to the original and so the problem should no re-appear?

Good question about the 'like for like'. I don't know and haven't seen anyone post anything about a second failure after the repair.

The repair is a bit intricate, I may have damaged my new component on fitting, mine doesn't power up anymore.

 Who knows if the new part is better. I've ordered one and am waiting for it.Seeing the problem Wallygaw is having, and the question you raise, I wish I had ordered two or three of the parts. Cost of the part is $10. Probably costs the same to ship 3 parts vs one. I can live with having to change the part every 3 years or so if necessary. Anyway, what's the alternative?

Where are you getting that part ? Does Canon sell them ? If so I wonder if they are doing it just because of this chronic problem with this particular model and it's their way of compromising. Usually OEM's dont sell parts because of liabilities as well as profit losses.

Your right it might have been wise to buy more than one of those FPC's.

Even after reading most of all these posts I went and bought a used S100 because I wanted a small camera at times to carry with me, small yet with all the functions and quality photos I would need. During the course of following this thread I've read the user guide many times which also helped me make the decision.

Plus now I know how to take them apart and fix them too lol !