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issues with SX60 hs and auto focus


hello to all



just wanted to know if anyone is aware of the following


like a month ago I've started noticing that my SX60 HS been having a hard time trying to auto focus. usually I had to press the shutter button half way and it willl focus the image with on problem. but now I have to do that several times until it focuses clearly the subject.

I've also noticed that the omvie mode also has issues with the focus.


I've already did a factory reset to the camera and still no luck, hoping that it was related to maybe a setting on it


any  ideas







You don't mention how much zoom you are using. While the camera may auto focus quickly at the wider end, those cameras will take longer when at the tele end of the zoom. You may also want to try out other focus modes in the menu. Try with and without Servo AF for instance. Are you shooting in low light? That will also have a major impact on the auto focus speed. You may need to set the ISO to a higher setting. What aperture are you using? You may need to set a wider aperture to let in more light. Are you using a tripod? Make sure image stabilization is turned off if you are. 


I'm sure there are other factors, but I would start with those.

Steve M.

When I have those focus issues I try to first focus on a large object about the same distance away first then try to refocus on my subject.  Then the next few shots in that range focus quicker.  I found if you focus on a close subject and them try far away the camera has the most issues.

hello to all for the help


THe issues appear with no zoom and with zoom, also on camera and video mode.


I will try the recommendations of changing the servo and the other settings recommended.


thanks to all for the help

Had the camera for 10 days, and like it, but in Sport mode it will not focus, just clicks and tries to focus, let it go for 10 secs. In Auto mode same subject and zoom about 50x there is no problem. Did the factory reset, nof dif. I know I could try manual, etc, but I bought the camera to have a convenient setting for action shots or birds flying. - Am about to return the camera. My question: is this a general problem or just on this camera.


Just got a reply from Canon Factory Service asking "Please mail your digital camera to the Factory Service Center shown below. "
So this is not a user problem, be sure to test the camera on all settings. I am just glad I bought it from Amazon and can return it without a problem. - My quandry, since really like the camera otherwise should I get a replacement.

We are dumping ours. After sending it back to Canon for repair it came back working just as poorly. Both my wife and myself are experienced photographers with training and have worked as photographers.WE have tried it with various settings in bright daylight and no zoom and it cannot focus. It appears that it has to do more with the sensor or algorithm than the lenses. Even at 100% magnification the images are grainy, lack focus and sharpness. This is with noon sun in Texas without a cloud in the sky.


We got it as a lightweight backup for a trip to Antarctica. After this experience I will by shying away from Canon cameras.

This model is called point and shoot camera, it works only well in auto mode and not good in other modes. If you change to other modes  and do the fine tuning the design of this camera is altered and not advisable. If in auto mode after resetting is still bad, internal malfunction is the cause.


I would not dice Canon that quickly, they are a great brand & the most popular.

I have a sx60 hs. there is a small adjustable wheel button at the left of the sight. You probably hit it by accident. Re-adjust the alignment and it should be fine.