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SX530 filter adapter & LCD screen


I have a SX530 PowerShot with a FA-DC67A filter adapter so that I can use my 67mm circular polarizer. Here are several concerns:


1. It seems that the adapter will only lock onto the camera lens by rotating it CCW when looking at the front of the camera. Is this correct?


2. When using the polarizer, as long as I rotate it CW(looking from the back of the camera) everything is fine, but when I rotate it CCW, the adapter will tend to unlock itself & will actually detach from the camera.  Does anyone have a solution for this?


3. Even though I have the LCD screen brightness turn up to the brightest setting, it is very difficult to see the image on the screen when outdoors due to the back reflections on the screen's surface. This makes it very difficult to frame a shot. This camer doesn't have an eye viewfinder like my Olympus camera does.  Is there any way to correct this reflection problem? 




I am looking at the instructions for placing that filter on the lens. Looking at the front of the camera it is a clockwise motion to install it, not counter closckwise. The picture on the instructions indicated a mark on both the lens as well as the adapter, a starting point to place the adapter  on correctly. I've never had a problem with my fliters getting loose perhaps you didnt tighten them enough?

I have the SX50HS it has a swing out rotating LCD I got very fond of that style a long time ago for the reason you quoted as well as flexibilty for low shots and over peoples head type shots too.

Other than a LCD hood of sorts to shade your LCD Im not sure what you can do, maybe some others will chime in.



The circular polarizer will rotate continuously in one direction. No need to turn it back and forth.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic

Yeah John is absolutely correct on that too the filter just will continuosly rotate.


Here are the pictures from the instructions there nothing usefull written about it other than not to attach heavy lenses to the adapterIMG_0001.JPG

The first 2 images show how to attach the second two, one shows screwing the filter on the other shows the removal procedure filter unscrewed fist then the adapter.



I looked at my camera and that filter and they both have a tiny indicator as to where to place the adapter to start..a tiny horizontal line on the lens rim as well as the adapter.



John, I appreciate your comments concerning the attachment of the adapter ring, but I don't have any marks on either the camera lens or on the ring itself.  I was able to rotate the adapter CW to get it to lock onto the two raised ridges on the lens but it just doesn't stay locked in place when rotating the polarizer. The adapter ring I have is a Fotasy with the same numbers on it that the Canon ring has.  Mine looks like the one in the picture you sent earlier. I don't know what to do except maybe try to purchase a Canon ring & see if that makes a difference.

Yes Id try that purchase a Canon adapter my guess is the one you got isnt designed correctly or perhaps has a defect. I think the Canon ones can be found for around $20 or less...then see from there.

Be careful though as you see they are advertised with the Canon part number but arent Canon products


The Canon adapter will have the mark if your lens doesnt then as you place the ring on the lens rotate it slowly and lightly clockwise and it should fall into place by itself then turn it to lock it is a tiny mark on the lens but perhaps you missed it. Look on page 136 of your manual it mentions it there too and shows where the line is where it shows how to place a lens hood on it.

Here is the link for your manual


Lnes Hood Mark.JPG

Hi, i use a screen protector on mine and I use it in the bright sun and have no problem seeing it. And my brightness isn't even half.... I turn it down to save battery.. I dunno if it makes any sense but honestly I don't have thst issue. As for filter adapter, can I say other brands in the forum? 😖

Sorry, PowerGem, that I haven't gotten back to you sooner.  I'm interested in that screen protector you mentioned.  What is it, where did you get it, can it be taken off & put back on?  I have the screen brightness turned up to maximum & that has helped but I do think it contributes to the decreased life of the battery.

Hey there bill, its sold on amazon.. But the one i used was actually one for a mobile phone that I cut.. I'm from Jamaica do it would be pointless to buy it just to ship it one little item. lol. And yes it can be removed just like any other screen protector..
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