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No matter what i do my Canon powershot SX400IS takes blurred pics


Can anyone help me please. Maybe with settings. I bought this especially because of my granddaughters Basketball games. But no matter what i cannot get action shots. They are always blurred



Indoor basketball, means fast movement, in what is relatively low light conditions.


Point and shoot cameras have relatively small image sensors and just don't gather enough total light.


Those wonderful basketball action shots you see are taken with large sensors and large lenses costing thousands of dollars.


The best you can hope for with your camera is to maybe catch a moment of peak action, those times where the player naturally pauses their movement, like before they change directions.


Try using the sports scene mode (running man), this will at least ensure you are in the proper focus mode. Other than that you might decide to just enjoy the game. Oh, and watch for someone taking photos with that big expensive gear. They often sell photos. $20 for a fantastic shot of your child playing the sport is a real bargain when you consider the person who took it is probably using $3000+ worth of camera gear.

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