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SX50 HS has a 'sticky' zoom lever


I purchased a canon Powershot SX50 HS 6 months ago for a 6 week trip to Africa and other parts of the world .   It took great pictures and held up well. By the end of trip the zoom lever began to stick a bit and it was difficult to keep the zoom from going way past the intended range. My inclination is that a bit of WD-40 or other lubricant might do the trick but don’t want to screw it up without investigating the problem a bit.  Has anyone else had this problem or have a better suggestion on a solution?



Do NOT use WD 40 on it unless you want to damage the camera ! There is a product I have used for years at work and home called Deoxit 5 for electronic equipment..its a cleaner and mild lubricant and unlike WD40 it is safe for plastics and rubber.

Also 3M makes a pure silicone spray which is also safe.

You also have the best option of warranty service which is what I would recommend first before you spray anything other than air in it.

If you try any lubricant first then wind up returning it for service they probably will see that and your warranty may be void.

Thank you for the suggestions.  I wasn't really planning on using wd40, but didn't have a clue on what I should do. I appreciate the thoughtful response.  I had taken it on an African Safari & I think it collected some dust from the Landrovers we were on.   After your comments, I tried a light application of filtered compressed air that improved the situation.  It seems to be moving more smoothly now.  Hopefully the problem will remain solved & the warranty will remain in tack!

Before using compressed air I would have got some clean, plain copier paper, cut a narrow strip, you may have to fold it in half,  then laying the camera falt on it's back insert the paper between the lens and with a circular motion removing the paper so all area of the lens are covered.


Compressed air is sure a good idea if it works but  you could be blowing the debris onto the inner lenses itself - you want the debris out not in.


I've heard many people advising WD40, cures all evils too.  Tthere are metal to plastic parts in a camer, meaning special plastic to metal grease is required WD40 will wash it clean out.


I've seen the stuff dripping out of  VHS video recorders, if it gets on the head I usually call it a write off, because of time verses cost.



Thanks for the paper suggestions.  I did try it, but it appears the rotating bezel is recessed below the external surface.  It probably has a lip underneath it as well. It makes sense as that may help prevent dust collection - particulary if it was designed with an O-ring or other soft seal.  At anyrate, I couldn't slip paper or thin floss in there.  Thanks again for the thouhgt however.  I'll probably make use of it elsewhere!

Was worth a try, all it takes is a grain of sand and  is enough in some cameras to cause problems, if the lens  extends at all you *may* see scratch marks, I think I didn't mention this before, sorry.




By way of belated update, I got the dental floss fix to work, and I can now report that it has successfully stayed working for some 8 years to date. I have used the broader type of dental floss, "Glide" FLOSS by GORE. I have worked it under the zoom lever using an ordinary wooden toothpick or similar household "small tools". I have then left the floss permanently in place under the zoom lever. Once or twice early on I may have had to use the floss to jack a jammed zoom lever back up again. But thereafter leaving the floss in place seems by some mechanical means to have prevented the zoom lever from jamming.

The zoom lever has now jammed on three Canon cameras that I have owned. The Canon SX50; a new condition second hand Canon SX50 that I bought as a spare; and a second hand Canon Digital Ixus 960 that I bought on Ebay. The dental floss fix has worked successfully on each.

Three cameras out of maybe 15 Canons, the majority cheap Ebay or charity shop old model purchases, that have passed through my hands over the years may not statistically represent a pattern of misbehaviour, but ...


I had the same issue. Brought the SX50 to Africa. Lots of dust. Safari guide called it Ugandan makeup. This worked for me. Get some thin dental floss and work it under the zoom lever. You might need to use a cocktail stick to work the floss under the lever ( nothing metal that would mark the casing ). Then pull the floss back and forth a number of times. Job done.

Thanks for the suggestion.  So far it looks like the compressed air solution worked well for me.  I used short bursts aimed tangent to the perimiter rather than directly at the center.  If it acts up again I'll try that method.  I was on a safari as well - in Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe. Awesome!

DaveM: Dental floss & Toothpick worked for me too. So far fix has held up for a test viewing old shots,and one shooting session of some 40 shots. Have added dental floss and toothpick to my camera bag. I had taken some 2000 shots with the camera before the problem arose, so hope in turn that the fix will last that long. Many, many thanks for posting! I did not think that the fault was owner repairable, but searched the web just in case

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