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G5X needs cleaning (sticky buttons)


Canon Support has informed me that they do not offer repair service on point-and-shoot cameras, only replacement with a refurbished unit (if available). My Canon G5X has done a lot of work since I acquired it in 2017, and the zoom rocker is a bit sticky lately.

Does anyone know of any services that can clean these cameras and get them back to spec?

Takin’ digital photos since 1996. (Canon G5X, currently)

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello allenhuffman,

Canon recommends that you do not use any organic solvents such as alcohol, benzine, or thinner to clean the camera. You can use a cotton swab or clean, dry, microfiber cloth (eyeglass cloth) to clean the unit.

In my situation, it is not external cleaning that needs to be done, but inside the switches themselves. This camera has also had issues with the automatic lens cover sticking (not opening fully). I finally found tutorials on this very problem, and was able to drop alcohol in to the slots and use paper to “clean” it, and it has worked fine since.

It is just a pity there are not services on a $700 device. When I bought it from a local camera store, they sold me a third party warranty. I assumed someone must do repairs on them (I sent it off once early on, and assume I got the same camera back). I am trying to find who did that work.

Takin’ digital photos since 1996. (Canon G5X, currently)