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SX280 SX280HS battery problem SOLVED


I have solved the battery issue.


The trouble is that the battery contacts and the camera power contacts don't stay together.  The battery is just a bit too small for the space, and the tab that holds it in place is on the wrong side of the battery.  


My solution is to add a bit of the fuzzy part of velcro to the inside of the battery door.  It holds the battery contacts securely together, and the problem goes away.


If you happen to use the ACK-DC40 AC adapter kit, you'll need to punch a small hole in the Velcro to allow the power plug to get through to the adapter, but if you don't use one, just stick the Velcro strip on the inside of the battery door, and your problem is solved.




1. yes, that is correct, when recording video, I can now zoom in and out and continue to record all the while the battery icon is flashing. when I am done with the video if I turn the camera off and then back on it again shows full battery. the premature shut down was corrected with the firmware update.

2. the icon begins flashing with zoom but the camera does not shut off.


My other problem with the camera intermittently shutting down or not even turning on at all was fixed with the velcro/contact fix addressed in this thread, thank you Samintx. this problem led me to believe aftermarket batteries I had purchased were bad when in fact I now believe it was something with the contact openings in the batteries because they all work fine now that I have adjusted the contacts inside the camera




Wow!!! I've had this camera for 2 years with the battery issue. At the end, I was systematically removing the battery for about 15 seconds every time I would shoot a video since the low battery indicator would show and, if I turned off the camera, it would indicate that I had to change the battery when I was turning it back on. This trick seems to work. I installed a little piece of floor protector (what you put under a chair or table to protect a hard-wood floor). I had one which was black and very thin which was perfect.


At first I put a piece which was too long and would make it difficult to close the cover (I did not close it as I did not want to break it). After I cut that piece in two, the door can easily be closed (still need a little more pressure than without the workaround) and I was able to shoot about 10 videos ranging from 10 to 30 seconds ... and I have not yet seen the low battery indicator!


I'm attaching a picture of the result as well just to show where I put the piece and its size!




Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I was getting really tired of this issue and was about stop shopping for another model. I'm very happy with the photo and video quality. So, I'm even more grateful that this issue is resolved!

I posted this "cure" too! and ever since my camera has worked. Glad you got your problem solved too!


instead of velcro, I used a part of a glasses cleaning cloth at the inside of the battery door

Velcro has sticky back. Your cloth would work but would not stick to the door unless you glued it there. But whatever works for you GREAT!

thank you thank you thank you for this brilliant suggestion, I can finally use my canon properly, such a relief

There are photos of the velcro cure on this site/thread

Excuse my ignorance. How do you do the firmware update on the camera? Thanks to all for all the help.

You download and install firmware for your camera the same way you do for your computer. connect your camera via cable and download firmware from the Net and it installs. Anyway that is how I have always done it. Don't worry about your question. We all draw a blank now and then. Hope this helps.

I am so glad I stumbled on this feed.  I purchased the SX280 a number of years ago and used it extensively.  After a couple years the battery low symbol would appear shortly after a charged battery was installed.  I bought new batteries and then a new charger.  This didn't fix the problem and the camera has been in a drawer for about 3 years.  Today I was cleaning and decided to toss the camera in the garbage but luckily I googled Canon and the model.  I placed a small piece of fabric in the battery compartment as indicated and wow!  Both the batteries on hand work and the camera is back in business.  This fix is so very much appreciated.