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SX280 SX280HS battery problem SOLVED


I have solved the battery issue.


The trouble is that the battery contacts and the camera power contacts don't stay together.  The battery is just a bit too small for the space, and the tab that holds it in place is on the wrong side of the battery.  


My solution is to add a bit of the fuzzy part of velcro to the inside of the battery door.  It holds the battery contacts securely together, and the problem goes away.


If you happen to use the ACK-DC40 AC adapter kit, you'll need to punch a small hole in the Velcro to allow the power plug to get through to the adapter, but if you don't use one, just stick the Velcro strip on the inside of the battery door, and your problem is solved.





My SX280 has the battery problem but DOESN"T have that battery DOOR you show in your picture. I just bought mine last December 2013. They must have changed that part. I'm going to try the fuzzy velcro tho. Thanks for hint. I'm open to anymore because I don't think sending it to Canon would be worth it.

Your idea worked great with one significant problem. We now cannot get the battery door open. The supposedly dead battery works but I'm guessing it won't last for the life of the camera. Any ideas on how to re-open the battery door?

I assume you are trying to open the battery door the correct way since you got the battery in originally. I'm stumped on a stuck battery door. Did you put just a tiny piece of the velcro in the top of the battery lid and didn't force anything.


I didn't even put this much velcro in my lid. My piece is in the middle and about 1/4" x 1/4".

The solution does put additional strain on the battery lid, latch and hinges. It would be best to work with a material which is less dense than Velcro, though I do applaud his or her efforts and ingenuity. Even the "woolly" side of Velcro is fairly dense but a small strip of open-cell foam, such as is found in pillows and available at craft stores, could be inserted to the same purpose and be less stressful on the camera itself.

No strain on my battery lid and this is working beautifully with the fuzzy side velcro. Just a tiny piece and in case this one comes off on a vacation I have some in a small battery container. You can judge the size of the velcro.P1000140.JPG

Of course there is added strain on the lid. What else could be "pushing" in the battery?

If it was going to strain the hinge (I'm assuming that is what you mean) I would not have kept the velcro on the lid. The lid works just as before, no forcing. The only diff is the camera doesn't drain the battery now. 

Great idea - certainly the current flow capability of the circuit requires good contacts.


Unfortunately, it did not work for me.


When I first put a small piece of foam sheet on the lid close to the hinge (as in the second photo, including where there is a structural bump in the lead designed to press the battery), one good battery did not work at all, and a second one immediately shows low charge (even before starting a video recording).


Guessing that the placement of the foam tilted the battery and caused a bad contact on one of the 3 points rather than improving all contacts, I removed that foam and put a different piece on the top of the battery itself, covering almost the entire width. With this configuration the battery did register as full when I turned the camnera on. However, after about 45 seconds of recording video and manipulating the zoom (which is the common stress situation usually resulting in low battery indocation) I did get the low battery.

In other words, no significant improvement.


FWIW, I have the latest firmware installed.