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I have been using non Canon batteries but now, without me upgrading, my wifi cameras must have downloaded that Non Canon brand alert and shuts off the camera! what can I do to override this alert so I can use my generic batteries? I used to get the a...
When I put in a non Canon brand battery it alerts me. How do you turn this off? Is this new from Canon?
Does anyone have this camera? I can't find anything posted here on the SX720. Am I just missing the posts? I think I'm going to love this camera along with all my other Canon's.
I don't find any chatter about the SX 400IS camera. Does no one own this camera or…?
I have been wondering if anyone has had any experience with Nat'l Geo or other Photography travel trips for Photographers. There are certain travel groups that have special trips say to the Southwest just for photographers. I was wondering if these g...
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