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SX280 SX280HS battery problem SOLVED


I have solved the battery issue.


The trouble is that the battery contacts and the camera power contacts don't stay together.  The battery is just a bit too small for the space, and the tab that holds it in place is on the wrong side of the battery.  


My solution is to add a bit of the fuzzy part of velcro to the inside of the battery door.  It holds the battery contacts securely together, and the problem goes away.


If you happen to use the ACK-DC40 AC adapter kit, you'll need to punch a small hole in the Velcro to allow the power plug to get through to the adapter, but if you don't use one, just stick the Velcro strip on the inside of the battery door, and your problem is solved.




So sorry. You saw my picture and the small piece of velcro. The camera has worked since I installed that.

This seems to have fixed it for me, well done sir 🙂 one small piece wasnt enough, i did 1 one side and another the other side. Battery shows full now.

There must be something about when the manufacturing took place. Others like you needed a larger piece where as I only needed that tiny piece. Anyway, glad you have fixed the flaw in this otherwise great camera.

i also needed to carefully bend the contacts down in the camera as well as adding a foam piece to the door.


also it should be mentioned that this camera has 2 battery issues, the door/contacts addressed here and a firmware issue that falsely shuts the camera down because it thinks the battey is dead when it is not. this issue requires a firmware upgrade. after upgrading the firmware my battery icon still flashes but the camera does not shut down.


to the one having trouble opening the door, push in while sliding out and it will open.

Thanks for further exploration on the subject. I'll check for the firmware.

i also needed to carefully bend the contacts down in the camera

 Please elaborate, does "bend down" mean to bring them lower in the body (away from the battery) or higher in the body, towards the batter?




I am sorry.


the contacts are positioned at an angle to have a spring effect, I pulled them so they were tighter on the battery contact pads. you need to be careful not to bend too far but mine needed to be closer to the battery to make proper contact especially with my aftermarket batteries, not sure why without taking the body apart.

This is an interesting development with the battery contacts inside the camera with the Canon vs after market batteries. 


If this works what exactly happens?


1. Does the battery light flash but the power does not turn off

2. Does the battery light not appear even when video mode is active and the zoom is engaged?



the reason I am asking is I basically gave up on this camera and have not used it in months.  I am not sure if i really fixed anything.  Seems like once i put the velcro on i still get the battery light but it does not shut off the camera.



I had previously installed this firmware update. It was not till I put the tiny piece of velcro on that I got consistent good battery performance. I also found that a CANON BRAND battery worked better than off brands. So I am happy with my SX280 Canon with the small velcro piece and a Canon brand battery. 


I have found the SX260 has a relative short battery life compared to my faithful Panasonic Lumix cameras. The battery life if fine on the Canon 50 and 510. Don't know what happens with the PowrShots.


I don't take that much video with my still cameras. I use my Sony Bloggie for video & on a small Handycam Video camera also from Sony.


I really think the battery problem with the SX280 has had posted solutions. Not all work for everyone. I also have come to the conclusion the Powershot uses up battery life like mad compared to other brands. I just hope that readers have been able to fiddle with the Canon till they find what works on their camera.


Glad for this forum. Oh, yes. On my camera before I corrected a message came on saying "charge your battery". Not sure if there was anything else on the screen. Then a blank screen or the camera would not turn on.

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