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Powershot G15 will not turn on


My beloved 2 year-old G15 will not power up.

I checked/charged the batteries, cleaned around the lens with a gasduster and toggled various function wheels.

No response at all.





If you are sure your batteries are good then check the battery door and see if it closes properly or has any signs something has brokem or chiiped off. The battery door activates an interlock switch that allows the camera to turn on once a battery is installed properly.Also look inside the battery compartment at the metal contacts see if they look alright, not damaged or dirty etc.

Outside of that and perhaps both your batteries or charger are faulty you'll need to consider having it repaired.

Thanks, John,

I had done all that, with no result.

But yesterday I put the memory card into the SD slot in my computer to upload the pics, and  the computer I rebooted it and tried again with the same result. Then tried another card, no problem. So I put an old card in the camera...

And voila! It worked.

So then (just to see if it made a difference) I locked and unlocked the original card, and tried it in the computer and it was fine--and now it seems to have stopped crashing  the computer and the camera powers up and works fine. It's really weird.

Any idea why a memory card can do this? (The card is a micro SD with an adapter; before, when the camera was effectively dead, I had tried turning the camera on without the card but it didn't make a difference...)


Weird yes ! lol

Perhaps the Lock switch was hung up inbetween locked and unlocked ? Or it was a "gliche" which means it is unexplained  lol


Well it rules out your camera and if your leary about using that card and maybe loosing pictures on it in the future can you return it ? I would be cautious now of that card..yes?