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Memory card error elph 160

Hi I'm new to the canon world and got my first one today and everything was going great but I turned it on and it read at the top on the screen "memory card error" I just bought the card today and I tried to follow the instructions on another person's solution that had the same situation as me, so I went to menu, tools, and scrolled to format but it was unavailable to click on. Help?


Ok can you access the card on a computer?  If you can then try formatting it on a computer first then see if you can format it in the camera.

It's hard to put the card into the camera the wrong way but not impossible are you sure you placed it in correctly?

Since both the camera and card are new I would first contact Canon support see what they say and secondly I would suspect the card is defective and if you can get your hands on another card to try that would be good. Canon support might wind up telling you that or send the camera in and if it winds up the card is defective they will charge you something, probably more than you might have paid for the card.


Check to make sure the memory card is not locked. There's a little slide tab on the left side of the label that should be in the up position. Could just be the reason for the error.


Steve M.