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PowerShot G7 X Mark III Scene (SCN) options missing


So I just purchased a PowerShot G7 X Mark III and I fear I'm made a terrible mistake.  I've owned many different Canon cameras in my life and I use the SCN (scene) mode frequently when hiking.  Every Canon I've ever owned has mostly the same SCN options available.  I use the Landscape mode, Action Mode, and Macro mode most frequently.  For some reason that I cannot imagine, this camera doesn't have any of these SCN modes.  It has 4... yes 4 ... night time starry sky modes but no Landscape?  No Action?  I find this so hard to believe that I'm hoping there is a way to add (or subtract) specific SCN modes and I just can't figure out how to do so.  Please tell me this is the case and, if so, how do I do that?  If I'm stuck with these, I think I'll return this camera and get something else.  Thank you!

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Product Expert

Hi TBox9,
Thanks for checking in.

The camera does have a landscape mode. You can activate it by pressing SET and navigating to the Picture Style icon, the one with the circle of rectangles and an A beside it. Select the L for LANDSCAPE.

The camera doesn't have a dedicated sports mode. Instead, you have more control if you put the camera in the TV (time value) mode and then use the control ring on the lens to select a fast shutter speed like 1/250 or faster.
The faster the shutter speed, the more likely you are to freeze the motion, but the less light that comes into the camera. You could try to increase the ISO to compensate for a fast shutter speed when shooting sports in darker conditions.

Thanks for the response.  I know how to take every kind of photos from landscape to sports to macro.  The purpose of the SCN selection mode is to take these kinds of photo QUICKLY without having to mess with the settings (shutter speed, ISO, burst mode, etc...).  Why in the world would Canon eliminate Action and/or Landscape modes from the SCN selections??  This is beyond comprehension.  So much so, I definitely want to return it.  I'll definitely be looking into exactly how to do this.  I've been using Canon cameras for 30 plus years and this first time I've been disappointed in one of your cameras.  


You are indeed correct there is no sports, landscape or macro mode on the PowerShot G7X Mark III, same also for my PowerShot G7X. It is not possible to install additional scenes to the camera with the current model. Perhaps Canon could do so with firmware but I don't expect that to happen.

One possibility is to set the camera for the scene modes you want using the existing Av mode for landscapes and the custom mode for sports / action. To do this, turn the dial to Av, then select an aperture value of f/5.6 this gives plenty of depth of field, and I would also select auto ISO. Then you will need to remember that set to Av is for landscapes. 

For sports / action then select Tv mode, choose a fast shutter speed like 1/500 and ISO auto. Then select continuous high speed drive, and servo AF. Then go to the menus and save the settings. This allocates those settings to the C position on the dial so you can quickly go to C mode when you want action photos. 

Unfortunately the suggestion from Nick2020 to select landscape picture style is not the same as the landscape scene mode on other EOS cameras. In fact it only changes how the colours of the image looks not the settings for shutter speed and aperture to capture it.

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Thanks for the response.  I just cannot believe I've got the choice of 4 different "Starry Night" scene selections and no action and no landscape modes whatsoever.  I use the SCN mode when I'm 'on the go' and don't have time to mess with all the settings quickly.  I'll definitely be returning this camera.  SO incredibly disappointed in Canon on this one.  

I have an older PowerShot G7X (Mk 1) and it also does not have the scene modes you are looking for.


EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author
-- Note: my spell checker is set for EN-GB, not EN-US --
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