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Noisy videos with Canon sx50


The last problem I have with my camera which I've just purchased not too long ago is the noisy videos. I wanted to mainly record with it but when I am inside my videos are ruined by noise distortion. I've purchased a portable LED light and LED 40 watt bulbs but still the noise is there. I constanly toggle with the ISO and even at it's lowest (80) the noise ruins the videos. I had hope of fixing this problem because I've seen peoples videos with this camera at home and the quality is much better. If anyone could PLEASE help I seriously need it.



Sounds like you need a lot more light than just 40 watts. It takes quite a bit of light to get noise free video and photos while shooting indoors. The sensor on that camera is very small, and the lens is not real fast. so it will take more lighting to get clear images. Typical softboxes can be as much as 650 watts, so see about adding more lighting.


Steve M.

Can you tell me a product I should go towards or what bulb I should be leaning towards getting. If all else fails I was just going to go to the big time studio video lights which are expensive af but if light gets rid of the noise they are all I will need. I was just looking for cheaper alternatives because my room is relatively small.

The link I've provided below is for a unit from B&H that is relatively inexpensive but should be sufficient for your needs: You can call them as well and they can help you get exactly what you need and at a decent price. I've used them on a few purchases and they are really very good at what they do.


Steve M.