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Think Camera Window app was MUCH BETTER than new Camera Connection app


at least for iOS.

With the original app I turned on the camera (G7X), let it set up it's own wifi network, my iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2 immediately connected to the wifi network and when I opened the Camera Window app - after a slight delay - it would connect to either iOS device.

With the "new Camera Connection App", probably 75% of the time, though the iPhone/iPad will still see and connect to the camera's wifi network, the app will either NOT connect at all or takes forever.

(And yes, I did go into the camera's wifi button settings and reset it back to the same iPhone that it was looking for before.)

Really hope that Canon get's their act together (or at least their app developers) and fixes this because it is rather annoying.



It is much worse than that for Android users.  Neither the old Window app nor the new Connect app work with latest Android (lollipop) and Canon just do not seem to care. 


Read the howls from customers on the topic in the Powershot forum.  Lots of disgruntled Canon buyers but no sign of Canon taking any interest at all.  General conclusion is that  Canon users should buy from Nikkon, Sony or Pansonic next time if they want a wi-fi capability.