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New PowerShot420is... help with a couple q's..


how to import pictures... my old Nikon came with easy software... if there is software to go with this the Powershot, I have not found it....


what do you recommend? for the... average user....


I’m not too impressed with “windows live photo gallery”

or.... cannot find a good users guide...


  1. and... in WLPG..... ..I can’t figure out how to get the navigation pane back after looking at one photo

many websites talked about a blue triangle or blue line on the left... I don’t have either (win 7) typical windows hiding simple tools? sigh

lots of frustrated people talking about this issue....



  1. Settings for taking pictures of glow paint in the dark? My first tries with “auto” resulted in photos of less quality than my iphone 5, looked great on the view screen... photos were grey....





and.... I don't have wifi... can't find instructions for uploading pictures with the usb>card.... is that why there is no import software?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Pleiades357,


Thanks for posting.


You may locate the software at


Once on our site, click on "Drivers & Downloads"- it will turn red, then start typing your camera model into the search box.

When the site has enough information, you'll see one or more models matching what you've typed. Click on the correct model, then click on the "Go" button. The entire product model name must appear in the search box for the button to be active.


On the next screen, click on the [Select] button to the right of "Digital Camera Software 7.1 [Windows]", then click on the red "How to Download and Install" link for installation instructions.


To begin downloading the file, click on the red [Download] button. On the next screen, enter your camera's 12-digit serial number, then click on the [Submit] button.

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thank you for the very detailed instrucitons, I would never have found it without them


maybe I wasn't clear.... I don't want to "share" online

I especially don't want to post without my authorization, as nikon insisted on doing, one reason I did not buy a nikon this time. I don't want family friends and my personal records and project work public


I wanted software to move picture from my camera to my computer, with a card reader (don't have wifi)

and some minimal featurs like crop or rotate

 I hoped it would appear, like my old nikon, when I connect the camera to the pc


what I see on my desktop after insalling the software is "Map utility"

when I connet the memory card, nothing shows for importing the photos


I accidetly acitvated "windows live photos" not knowing it would hijack all my pictures....

if you know how to go back to my earlier "pictues" let me know


I just tried using "import with windows" if it imported them, it did not seem to allow me to chose which folder they would go into..... and I can't find them I have downloaded the software... how to use it and what is it called so I can find it?



and... help with the glow in the dark bead photos?

would be like a low light photo, no flash.....