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Is it possible to create Time lapse video using SX280 HS?




Is it possible to create Time lapse video using SX280 HS? If yes, then, can someone please provide a little direction?




In order to do effective time-lapse photography, you need two things - a tripod and an intervalometer. An intervalometer is a device to trip the shutter every X seconds. If you are going to play your time-lapse video at the usual 24 fps, you need to trip the shutter 24 times just for one second of video. Five minutes of video means 24 frames for one second X 60 for one minute X 5 = 7,200 frames.

Canon DSLRs have an input to accept a remote shutter release, but I don't think the smaller point-and-shoots have this capability. The SX 280 has WiFi capability, but I think that's only for sending pictures to your phone or social media sites. But… it might be possible to have your phone trip the shutter remotely (check your manual). If so, there are a number of iPhone apps (possibly Android too) that can act as intervalometers.

Good luck!

I forgot to mention - I recommend this ebook. "Time-Lapse Photography - A Complete Introduction" by Ryan Chylinski. It's available on the iBooks store.

Thanks. I will check it out.