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Image Transfer Utility 2 trouble


After a headache, I was able to connect the PowerShot 740 and start transferring images wirelessly. But now it's just...frozen. I had left the house during the transfer and due to the computer going into hibernating mode the transfer was cancelled. So I restarted the process and now it acts like it's working (says "Receiving images from camera...", says on camera that it's sending) but it's not. No images are actually being imported. 


I have a card reader which I bought to deal with it earlier, and can use it, but this is very frustrating having had previous versions of the PowerShot with a simpler download process. And the whole point of having a wireless transfer process is to make it easier...which it's not.


I tried restarting everything mulitple times.


Product Expert
Product Expert



The Image Transfer Utility is not the current import software anymore, but using the new service has a step-by-step guide to help you get setup and transferring your files.