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Had computer upgrade. Now I cant see videos uploaded to zoombrowser. Can hear them.

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Hi,  Back in March I had my computer upgraded from Window 10 to Windows 10Pro.  Not sure if that has anything to do with my problem though.   I noticed that my uploaded videos to Zoombrowser have no picture, only sound.  I tried two different canon cameras (A550) so I know it is not the camera.   I have VCL media player but don't know how to apply that to get the video to show.  Is there any thing I can do.  I am retired and cannot afford a computer shop.  Thank you.



I think ZoomBrowser is obsolete, and not supported on the Windows 10 platform.


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Hello Waddizzle,  can you tell me how to upload my videos from my A550 to my computer? Thanks

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@eyeonthesky1 wrote:

Hello Waddizzle,  can you tell me how to upload my videos from my A550 to my computer? Thanks

The simplest method for doing this is to remove the card from your camera, plug it into the SD card slot in your computer (or a USB adapter if your computer doesn't have one)

When the card is plugged in, it will be recognized as a drive letter.  You can use your file manager to copy all or any of the images from your card to a location on your computer, just as you would with any other data files.

This is, IMHO, superior to plugging the camera into the computer, or trying to transer via WiFi.  The data stream is fast and you aren't draining, or depending upon, your camera's battery to do the read of the card.


Do NOT attempt to manipulate or process the images directly on the card - it's slow and creates a link to the files on the card that can cause issues when you want to remove the card.

Afterwards. use the Eject feature to remove the card from the computer: i.e:


In File Manager, after copying the files to your hard disc

In the left-hand pane, which shows the directory tree, RIGHT+CLICK on the icon for the SD drive

From the menu select Eject.  If successful, the drive should disappear from the directory tree, you can then physically remove the card from the reader.

If that doesn't work, it is because there is an active link between the card and your software. Close any programs that might use the card, including File Manager.  Then go to the bottom right of your screen to the Tray (where the date, time etc. are shown)

CLICK on the ^ symbol to reveal a pop-up menu

CLICK on the icon for eject (see below), if successful you shoud either get a message that you have succeeded, or repeating this will no longer show the card on the list.

Ejecting .jpg


cheers Trevor

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