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Cleaning PowerShot SX740 HS lens


About a month and a half ago i got raindrops on the lens of my PowerShot SX740 HS. They left a mark after they dried. I tried cleaning it off with a microfiber cloth. That didn't work. I also used a blower to get dust off before i used the cloth. I then applied some Bower lens cleaning liquid to the microfiber cloth. That did the trick. I know that one should not use glasses cleaning solution on camera lenses. I'm wondering if this applies to the lens of the PowerShot SX740 HS, because i have applied glasses cleaning solution that contains Isopropanol on the same cloth I used for the camera lens. Although i did not use it to clean the camera lens. I'm wondering if this would damage the lens,


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


These newer lenses are going to be more resilient when it comes to things like this, but its still a good idea to avoid as much unecessary contact with other solvents as possible. In your case I would not worry too much about this one instance, but keeping a clean lens cleaning cloth on hand to wipe the lens before anything solidifies on it would be best.

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