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Canon powershot sx710 hs with capture card.


I recently bought a capture card for my powershot sx710hs. I want to use it as a webcam. When I connected the camera to the capture card (with an HDMI cable) I saw this image on the computer and the camera did not turn off(screen)- 




I assume it is a problem with the camera model ( maybe the option is blocked ) because when i press on the gallery button  is shows this (the actual gallery. and the camera  turns the screen off) - 




Is there anything I can do to fix this issue? 



I bought one of these for my Dad a few years back.  I'm bummed because he's never used it.  


The 710 is not officially supported by the webcam utility, and it does not support clean HDMI out.  This is usually, but not always required for webcam use.  We usually encourage people to try, but it doesn't always work.  


Connect HDMI, Enable video, turn the camera on and connect.  Also, ensure the capture mode is supported by the card.


Some hardware just isn't capable. 


Fix?  Yes.  Buy a supported camera model.       



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