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Turn off Focus Frame in Movie Mode on Powershot V10


I'm shooting remote video shoots using Squadcast (streaming platform like Zoom) and am connecting the Powershot V10 as the camera, using an hdmi capture card so that I can record locally to the camera while also streaming the feed into Squadcast. Squadcast has a recording feature as well that records the feed into the platform and I'd like to use that for ease and redundancy, however it records the camera view, which always has the Focus frame floating on the screen as either AF Face Tracking or AF Frame Tracking. 
I'd like to turn off the Focus Frame after the focus is set so that the camera view is clean for Squadcast recording, but I can't find a way to turn that off. 
Tapping "info" on the camera hides all the menu items, but the focus frame is still there. 

I've tried connecting the camera via the usb-c to stream as a webcam, but that functionality doesn't actually work. The Squadcast recognizes the feed but the feed constantly turns on and off. (i've tried on Zoom and Google Meet, same result). Yes, I have the USB connection app setting set to "Video calls/streaming" still doesn't work. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello caseycatlett,

Some platforms place that AF box on the display. Try using HDMI output. By pressing the [INFO] button, you can change the information being displayed.  

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