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Digital IXUS 220 How to transport pictures to computer




I have a Cannon IXUS 220, and I wanted to ask how I could transport the pictures from the camera to my computer? 



What computer are you using? Some may have a built-in SD card reader which is the best method of importing photos to your computer. If it doesn't have a built-in SD card reader, you can purchase one which is fairly inexpensive.  Be sure though to stick with a reputable brand (e.g. SanDisk) and pick one that will be able to connect to your computer (note the type of USB ports that you computer would require).


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You can connect the camera to your computer with a USB (A-to-Mini B) cable. On Windows, Macs and Linux, the camera should mount as a drive in File Explorer or on the desktop. You open it, open the DCIM folder, and there are your files. Move them to wherever you want them on the computer.

I tried the other cable not this one... And when that was connect to my dell computer, it did not show up as a file.

What cables are you talking about?  What operating system is your computer?

The camera would show up as a DRIVE, not as a file.  If trying multiple USB cables isn't working, you could have a bad USB port on camera or computer. Try different USB computer ports.

If you use an SD card reader as recommended here, do you know where to look for it when it appears on the computer?


Agree with my respected colleague Ricky - it is simple, reliable and faster to remove the card from your camera, plug it into an SD card reader (either built-in or USB connected), and then you can download as the card is seen as a removeable drive.  The download speeds by doing this are significantly faster that via a cable.

cheers, TREVOR

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