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G7x Mark III recording time


Hello everyone,

I have a huge dilemma. The main constraint for me with my G7x is the recording time, which is 29m59s for FullHD recording. I find this highly inconvenient for my purposes and I would love to work it around to get past that time to aroung 50-60 minutes. Actually, I have just found out that the main competitor of G7x mkIII, the new Sony ZV-1, can just do that and record longer... 

The option of live-streaming to YouTube directy from the G7x and then downloading as a recording is not a solution, since it requires stable Wi-Fi connection with the Internet, and on top of that, YouTube has a requirement of 1000+ subscribers for the channel being able to "stream from mobile devices". Also, YouTube does not allow to download uploaded videos in full resolution (the maximum resolution for downloading uploaded videos is 720p).

I would be very grateful for suggestions and ideas!





Best advice.  Buy a camcorder for intensive or prolonged video streaming.  




ZV-1 | Help Guide | Recordable movie times (


Also keep in mind that if you disable the thermal protection feature (enabled by default) in 4K, there is a distinct possibility that the camera could be damaged due to overheating.  The ZV-1 still has a 29:59 recoring limitation.  All camera manufacturers have adopted this standard to avoid additional taxes imposed by the EU. 



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I have seen these tables with recording times and I know about the overheating risks. I also know about the EU tax limitations. However, there are also reviews which report that ZV-1 is able to record longer than the 29m59s limit; even the manufacturer's site provides this information. I guess maybe the continuous recording is for US only? I must check with local reseller here, since I am located in the EU.

I do not intend to record continuously in 4k (for that I know the camcoder is highly recommended); FullHD is perfectly fine for my needs. Mostly indoors, in relatively large rooms with decent ventilation, so I'm not too worried of overheating - especially in 1920x1080 resolution.

I really would love to find a suitable solution with my G7x mark III, since I really love the camera and I am used to it so much, since I used previous G7x versions. I figure, that if ZV-1 can safely record in 4k for 5min only, and G7x mkIII can do that for 10min, this might indicate that the G7x sensor has more headroom for overheating. Therefore, a prolonged Full HD recording seems feasible as well. I thought that maybe someone had similar dilemma and figured this out, hence asking the question here 🙂 With this feature, G7x would fit my needs just perfectly. 

See the link at the bottom of this page.  All the way...way, way the bottom of the page. 


It opens up a list of cameras with "Clean HDMI" output.  The G7x Mark III is listed as one of them.  




The camera can output HDMI without any recording limitations.  This is ideal for live streaming, or recording to an external recorder without any time limitaitons.

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