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Canon PowerShot SX730- How to fix lens not fully opening?


Canon PowerShot SX730 HS


When the camera is turned on, the metal 'leaves" that cover the lens should fully open. They do not. See the attached pictures. Picture #1 shows what the lens looks like fully open. Picture #2 shows the lens partially open with the metal leaves stuck in a half open position. In this half open position I can fully open the lens cover by lightly nudging the metal leaves.  Note that when I turn the camera off, the metal leaves do not fully close and again I need to gently nudge the leaves to get them to close.

So how do I fix this? Perhaps there is dirt between the metal leaves, but I am having trouble getting between the leaves to remove potential dirt.


Any suggestions?





This lens cover is a very delicate mechanism and as such it doesn't take much to stop it working, it is quite possible that you have somehow bent the mechanism or got a grain of sand inside it. either way there isn't much you can do with it without disassembling it and that is not a course of action that I would advise. You could try giving it a blast with canned air that might clear any obstruction.


If the compressed air doesn't help try a vacuum with a set of small brush and nozzle tools they are available at The Home Depot and Amazon


I dropped the SX730 and it dented the lens, as camera was on Then it would not function - screen reading lens error. There is no way and no where to fix it, apparently. I called and contacted camera shops, Canon, etc. Nor is there a way to buy one or a similar one like the 730. or 740  Canon and all stores have been out for months. Help ! Where can I find a 730 or 740 ???


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