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dark shadowy spot on photos SX530 HS


What is causing the shadowy dark spot at the bottom center of above-linked photo?.  It's on all photos taken recently.  This is an uploaded file from the camera. It shows on the live screen, too. It only goes away when i max out the zoom and start using digital zoom.



That looks like something on the sensor or possibly the lens. Being it's a non-interchangeable lens camera, the sensor is less likely... but you never know!

Use a small flash light and carefully look for anything on or inside the lens. It will need to be something fairly large and obvious, to show up that way in the image.

The reason it won't show when you use the digital zoom is simply because that crops the image, trimming away the part of the image where the speck appears.

Unless it's on the front element where you can remove it, yourself, the camera will need to be serviced professionally to remove whatever is


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Normally a spot on the image is something on the sensor.  Given that your camera has a very small aperture, it is unlikely that the camera could focus close enough to show something on the lens itself.   Even though the camera does not have an interchangeable lens, it IS possible for dirt to migrate into a camera that is not environmentally sealed.  If that IS the case, it is debateable if the cost of having it removed would be worth it.

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