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imageclass mf4350d driver for Windows 11


Operating System Compatibility in Support shows that the printer, imageclass mf4350d, does not support Windows 10s and Windows 11. 

Will Cannon support Windows 11 for imageclass mf4350d dirver?



I had no problem with Windows 10, but now that I have a new computer with Windows 11, I can't find a compatible driver. The printer works good, no reason to replace it. If I did, it probably wouldn't be a Canon product!


I don't feel like junking a perfectly good printer because it's not compatible with Windows 11. It worked a few times when I first installed it, for some reason now I can't get it to be recognized. Please, Canon, update drivers for W11.


I had no problems using my Canon MF4350d printer with Windows 10 for all features. I just bought a nice dell XPS desktop with windows 11 and I will keep my older dell XPS desktop that runs Windows 10 and this printer fine. I didn't see any drivers for windows 11 to use on the new dell so I tried the latest windows 10 drivers but no luck.

If canon doesn't offer windows 11 drivers for my Canon MF4350d printer I can still use it with my older desktop, but I am very disappointed if Canon doesn't fix this issue quickly or provide a reasonable explanation why it is not possible to fix it. I may have to install Windows 10 on my new computer if that's the only way to keep my printer. A pox on both Microsoft and canon for making something as simple as a printer obsolete with this windows change. If no fix, I can't recommend Canon as a company that will be there for customers in the future as they consider their tech products as disposable. I thank God I only have 1 unused cartridge for this printer.


I removed all the drivers and software, and installed Windows 10 drivers again (the first time I may have inadvertently overwritten W10 drivers with earlier versions). I'm now able to use the printer on W11 (ASUS Zenbook). Scanning and printing as normal. Whew!


Thanks for the possible fix. I was going to try that but instead moved the Canon to a Win 10 computer and put a Brother Laser printer on the Win 11. A driver identified from the list of supported drivers.


I love my MF43250d but am bummed with Canon not creating a driver for Windows 11. Please Canon, we need that driver. Win 11 is on all new computers!!!!!!

Kenna, did you see the posts above? Use the W10 drivers. They worked for me the second time I installed them. Might need to reboot. Be sure to follow the original installation instructions. 

I downloaded this driver from Canon India and worked just fine. Canon USA site downloads are not working properly.


The W10 driver should work with Windows 11 as @druekberg mentions.

Canon Support for imageCLASS MF4350d | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

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