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imageCLASS MF743Cdw AirPrint issue. Help please


Canon sent me a replacement MF743cdw.  Set it up.  When attempting to print anything from my iPhone, I have to turn the printer off and on again.  Then I can print once from the phone.  To print again from the phone I have to turn the printer off and on again.  How can I correct this?  Thank you!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Ahenick,

If the printer works once and then the iPhone loses track of the printer, you can try setting a manual IP address on the printer using the steps in the link HERE. Once the IP address has been set, you can restart the printer and then check if you are able to print without having to turn the printer off and on.

I wish this was a solid fix. For the past year I have had to reset my MF644cdw ip address every time I need to airprint. Worked normally for about a year, then it stopped. I only have this issue with this printer.


Because there was never a response, we do not know if the above solution worked for the thread's starter.  You have a similar class but completely different printer model. It might be a good idea to start your own thread.  

It would be helpful for you to include the specifics and details regarding your issue.  If restarting the printer is the only way to print, it sounds like your router is not managing the devices IP address properly or passing printing requests between known devices on the network.  Many ISP issued or consumer grade routers do not manage or maintain IP addresses and ARP information correctly on their own.  This is why assigning or setting a static IP can be beneficial.  I've had my MF644cdw for a while now.  It has a static IP and except during long power interruptions is never restarted.

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