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MF632Cdw Vertical Black Streaks



Getting vertical black streaks on all my printouts.  Color cartridges are empty, but I don't see how that would be an issue.  And I'm a bit disinclined to spend 100's of dollars on toner while this problem exists.  Put a new black toner cartridge in and had no improvement.  Ran all the cleaning programs multiple times with no improvement.  Canon Customer Service convinced my wife it was a software problem, charged us for cleaning up the software errors - no improvement.  It never made sense to me because 1) the streaks are there even when we do straight copying, and 2) the streaks will get lighter during the course of making multiple copies.  So my practice has been to make 3 copies because the 3rd is usually the cleanest.  Anyone else have this issue?


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I have a 743 so it may be a bit different than the 632.

I'm wondering if there is any loose toner underneath the cartridges. Can the carts be removed and a vacuum suck out anything that may be underneath. 🤔

Side question: is the toner Canon brand, or aftermarket? 🤔

I've only used Canon brand cartridges.  Had previous "iffy" experiences with generic cartridges with previous HP, so I'm not going down that road again.  I keep thinking there's loose toner, too, but would expect to see the problem fade away with time.  And it doesn't seem to.

It looks like there is spilled toner on the feeding rollers, and its being transferred to the pages as they are being fed and pushed out of the printer.

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