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imageCLASS MF644Cdw how to set up FAX

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I read the reviews for this printer so I was aware that setup was not intuitive and might require assistance.  I was on hold with Customer Service for 1 hour and 45 minutes before I had to disconnect to attend to other obligations.  I cannot find anything online that tells me to do anything differently than what I have done.


The only thing I may have not followed to the letter is this: I left my answering machine connected the same way it was for my Maxify that stopped working.  The instructions imply that I am supposed to connect the answering machine directly to the printer/fax.  I do not want my answering machine in the room where I have my printer.  I can't understand why a newer (and more expensive) printer is LESS versatile than an older and less expensive model. 


Can anyone help me get my fax to work?  It appears to SEND faxes (although I have no idea if the fax I sent was received), but it does not receive faxes.


And, to reiterate what others said in the reviews that I read, the instructions, including online videos, are NOT clear and basically lousy.  All the instructions should be tested by NON computer savvy people before companies decide to put them out for public consumption, and maybe the designers need to get some assistance from people who don't spend their lives playing wtih technology.  Rant over.


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The printers instruction manual provides specific information on connection and FAX setup.


Deciding which FAX receive mode to use:


And finally..  A section specifically on what to do if you have an answering machine. 



@DJG wrote:

I do not want my answering machine in the room where I have my printer. 



That is not something we can solve or help with I'm afraid.

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Hello DJG,


If you are using the MF644Cdw with an answering machine, I would suggest putting the fax in answering machine mode using the steps provided HERE. When in answering machine mode, the fax machine listens to the recorded messages on the answering machine for any fax tones. Depending on how the phone lines are wired in your house, the fax machine might be able to hear the tones from the answering machine in the other room but if it can't, I would suggest connecting it to the back of the fax machine.


To check if a fax transmission went through, you can check the log using the steps in the link provided HERE.


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