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I want to use #10 envelopes in the multi-purpose (upper single sheet) tray AND I want the content AUTOMATICALLY shrunk to fit the #10 envelope regardless of the data source



Hi joeslw,


You can set up envelopes in Multi-purpose tray and print to fit envelope:


1. <Paper Settings> in the Home screen on the operation panel.
2.  Select Multi-purpose tray.
3.  Select the paper size.
If the loaded paper size is not displayed, select <Other Sizes>.

4. Select <APPLY>


Open Printing Preferences in the printer driver. 
Click on Basic Setting tab.
Select Envelope under Page Size section.
Select Match Page Size under Output Size.
Click on OK button at the bottom.
Select Page Source tab.
Select Envelope for Multi-Purpose Tray.
Click on OK button at the bottom.


You can save a custom setting  under Basic Setting  tab using the ADD button.


Set <Prioritize Driver Settings When Printing> using the operation panel on the printer:

<Menu> <Function Settings> <Printer> <Printer Settings> <Prioritize Driver Settings When
Printing> Select the paper source Multi-Purpose Tray> Select <On> in <Prioritize Driver Settings> <Action When
Size Mismatch> Select <Force Output> <Apply>


If you need immediate assistance, please contact our support group using the following link:


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Thank you for your response.   I purservered and finally (long wait on hold) got to speak with a Canon Tech.  This problem and quite a few others were resolved when I downloaded and updated the printer drivers that were released in September.
This printer was purchased new in July and I downloaded drivers then before ever receiving the printer. I was having issues with some text missing from one particular program I use to print checks on blank bank safety stock.  I tracked the problem further when I was able to discover that even when I printed to a PDF PRIOR to printing the PDF to the Canon, content that was in the PDF did not print.  At that point I was able to determine that the problem was the specific Canon printer (it printed fine on other printers).  This and the envelope problem were fixed with the new drivers.  Before the September drivers, the paper handling options for envelope handling were NOT available from the drop down box.  Now they are.


My wife and I share this printer.  She prints from her MacBook Pro  and iPhone wirelessly while I am on gigabit ethernet with the printer at arms length from my MacBook Pro.  This printer driver also solved the problem of the printer not awaking and reporting as being off-line.  I used a USB cable (starting about a week after getting this printer) and still had to manually hit the on-line button to print.  With this new printer driver, regardless of what and from where a print job is started, the job prints without the screen even changing from it's blacked out sleep mode.  It just does everything it was supposed to do without any hiccups.


I sure wish Canon would have notified registered owners of a new printer driver that fixed a myriad of problems that have been reported as complaints on their own forums.


Thank you   Joel