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airprint to LBP612C is consistently dim or light if print from mac, but printing from PC works fine


if I airprint from a Mac or iPhone to my LBP612C the printouts are so dim or light that they're essentially useless. Printing (even the same file) from PC works just fine.  Firmware just updated to 8.01; iPhone version doesn't seem to make a difference--seen on ios13 and 14. It seems to be a problem only with airprint.  Toner is full, firmware up to date. what else could it be? there are essentially no airprint settings that would affect print quality as far as I can see.

suggestions? even better, fixes?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Sweeny,


The airprint option would not give you all of the driver settings available for the LBP612Cdw. To use the printer properly from your Mac, you can download and install the UFRII drivers from the link HERE. Once the drivers have been installed, you can delete the printer from printers and scanners and then you can add the printer back using the Canon driver option. On your iOS device, you can download our Canon Print Business app and then you can print from there.

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