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Whining noise in brand new Canon MF644Cdw


I unboxed a new MF644Cdw and, while it functions correctly, the whining noise it makes when warming up and printing, seems extremely loud.  I can hear it upstairs through a closed basement office door.


I called tech support and they said it sounded pretty normal.  I was on a cell phone, so I think the level was being attenuated by noise management don't by the phone.  


Is this normal????


Video with sound of warm up after plugging in attached:




Me personally, I think it sounds a bit loud, but if you are holding the recording device right next to it, maybe its sounds worse than it actually is.  You might visit a retailer and compare if possible.

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Yeah, it is hard to tell how loud it is without hearing some other familiar noises in the same space to compare/contrast.  My local retailers don't seem to have a comparable unit in stock, let alone set up, to test in person 😞  Thanks.

This is a new video recorded from 5-6 feet away.  I'm standing right next to the mic when I talk for reference.

Hi Evaneaston,


The printer sounds normal. The sound may be applfied by where it is located. You stated it is in a basement.


You may want to check to ensure all packing material was removed. You can also remove and reset each toner cartridge.


If you believe something is wrong with printer, you can take advantage of the warranty. The warranty consist of a refurbished replacement or service at a Canon Authorized Factory Center. Please contact our support at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm ET, excluding holidays, if you wish to take advanage of the warranty.


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I ended up returning my MF644Cdw and getting a MF743Cdw instead.  It is much quieter and has no whining component to the noise it does produce.