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Turn on one sided printing from MacBook Word to Canon MF269dw


How do I turn on one sided printing from MacBook Word to canon mf269dw?


Sitting on hold for 40 minutes seems overwhelmingly long, please help, thank you!



Hi Eagleas1.


Two-sided printing for this model is handled computer-side.  In the system print window, ensure Two-sided printing is unchecked beside the number of copies to be printed.  In the case that the two-sided printing box doesn't show up in the upper part of the system print window, then ensure the drop-down for it on the Layout submenu is set to Off.


If neither of these settings are present, then the program is using a proprietary print window; refer to the program's documentation and support for help navigating its proprietary print options.


If you need immediate assistance with this issue, please contact us using the numbers and information at


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No, your (Canon Rep) recommendations do not help resolve the issue. 


Issue seems to be that the Canon MF260 series download is not adequately programmed for the MF269dw, and as such there are not controls in Word to control the printer that is inherently a duplex printer.


Question:  can you find and recommend the location for the dedicated driver package for the MF269dw?


Have a hard time believing that I am the only one using a MacBook Pro that has had this problem.


Thank you!

Hi again Eagleas1.


The drivers are available for download, free of charge, on the MF269dw's Drivers & Downloads page.


Due to the nature of Mac OS, the printer driver and scanner driver are provided separately.


As this model is Airprint compatible, Mac OS will default to set it up using the Apple-produced Airprint drivers.  If the Airprint drivers aren't giving you access to the full suite of print options, remove the printer and register it as a new printer.  Ensure the Canon-produced drivers (labeled after the printer's model or series number) is selected for use in the Add New Printer window before clicking Add.


If the two-sided printing option still does not show in the top half of the system print window, or in the system print submenus, then it's being restricted and controlled by the program.




Duplex 2


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Thanks for response! Still having troubles, now more confusion.


Tried to download the driver package listed in your last email for MF269dw (dated 1.20.20 online) It downloaded onto my macbook pro with Mojave 10.14.


Then was not listed under Add Printer screen, only the Scanner was listed (downloaded both printer and scanneer downloads).


As suggested deleted all past MF260 listings in printer print list and in library folders. Then downloaded and reloaded printer drivers.


Scanner only is listed as option to add, no listing of MF260 or MF269dw in printer list on system preferences.


Something is blocking the the printer from listing my printer from printer list. 


Please help. Wait time was stated as 40 minutes on Monday, waited till 50+ minutes -- nobody there so hung up.


Please help.

Hello Eagleas1.


After checking the Drivers & Downloads page for the printer on OS 10.14, the only listed drivers released close to 1/20/20 is the Fax Driver (for print-to-fax), last updated 1/21/20. 


The printer driver is Version 10.11.3, as of this response updated last on 1/06/20, file size 22.19 MB.  Check the downloads page again, and ensure you're saving and installing that.